General Hospital Spoilers June 27 2023: Martin is suspicious, Tracy’s big secret

General Hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, June 27 indicates that you will be on edge the entire time. Prepare your snacks in advance because the drama and excitement will keep you entertained.

We have made a lot of assumptions about Eddie and Nina, some of which may turn out to be correct. Since their lives have gotten so chaotic, Ava and Austin desperately need some peace.

Nina can’t get rid of chaos, not yet!

It is possible that Chase’s information will be connected to Nina, who was allegedly lurking on the pool surveillance footage but failed to call for assistance.

Ned, aka “Eddie Maine,” will fight confusion once more, making him appear lost and confused about his surroundings. Even though Sonny might try to explain why “Eddie” is staying at his penthouse, Nina will be concerned that Ned’s memory might be jolted.

In light of this, Nina will make an effort to persuade “Eddie” that leaving Port Charles would be in his best interests.

Trina spills the important information

According to General Hospital Spoilers for Tuesday, June 27, Trina will talk to Josslyn about the possibly fabricated evidence Victor Cassadine provided.

When Josslyn learns that Trina informed Spencer that they could not use it, she will inquire as to why setting Esme up is problematic. Josslyn will not understand why it matters whether the evidence is reliable or not because Esme is indeed guilty.

Spencer and Esme standoff

When the conflict between Spencer and Esme intensifies, Laura will step in as the mediator. Esme will also have a private conversation with Laura, who will suggest that Spencer might be willing to meet her halfway.

Esme will, however, be skeptical of a durable peace, especially after Laura leaves the country.

What’s up with Lucy?

In the GH episode airing on Tuesday, Martin will appear to be wondering what Lucy is up to, but Lucy will play dumb when she rushes to his defense in front of another person.

General Hospital Spoilers June 27 2023 Martin is suspicious, Tracy's big secret
General Hospital Spoilers June 27 2023: Martin is suspicious, Tracy’s big secret

Martin, however, may sense something is amiss. Lucy pretended she was not interested in getting married, but she is actually hoping to convince Martin to consider it.

In light of the fact that Martin is receiving money that Lucy is unaware of, it stands to reason that he is also keeping secrets.

That information might be relevant to Felicia’s investigation into Martin, which will start later this week.

Avery, the missing link

When he ostensibly brings a message from the boss, Mason will startle Ava and Austin. Austin will understand that they have to take quick action or else there will be major problems. Austin will reportedly emphasize that everyone is fair game, including Avery, according to General Hospital spoilers.

At some point in the upcoming episodes, Avery will vanish, but it appears that Austin may be using this as a ruse to get Pilar fired and replaced with a more obedient nanny who can assist in gathering the necessary information about Sonny.

Valentin wants to help Anna

Regarding Valentin, he will realize that Anna needs his assistance. Valentin will want to stick by Anna’s side until she is ready to face reality.

We will see if Anna makes Valentin keep his word or decides she does not need to be by herself at this time. Valentin had planned on traveling with Laura to Chechnya.

Chase’s secret

Harrison will reveal something to Brook across town that she will not expect. Chase tells a shocked Brook in the preview video for Tuesday, “That is not true.

Shady Tracy

Tracy will make a phone promise to get information during a private conversation. Tracy seems to be collaborating with someone on her covert Deception plan, and that person may be growing impatient.

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