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Evan Hofer

Is Dex leaving “General Hospital”?

Explore the intricate world of ‘General Hospital’ with a focus on the

Nicholas Alexander Chavez

What happened to Spencer on General Hospital? Does Spencer leave General Hospital?

General Hospital, or GH, is a unique and long-running American television show.

GH News and Rumors

Is Esme leaving the General hospital?

Meet Esme Prince, the captivating yet manipulative character portrayed by Avery Pohl

What happened to Charlotte on general hospital

What happened to Charlotte on General hospital? Where is she now?

General Hospital, commonly abbreviated as GH, is a renowned American daytime television

GH News and Rumors

What happened to Kevin on General Hospital? A Tale of Twins and Secrets

Take a trip through the complex plot of the fictional character Dr.

Trina Robinson

Is Trina leaving General Hospital in 2024? Keeping fans at the edge of their seats

Trina Robinson isn’t simply another character; she’s the energetic heartthrob of General

Nina leaving General Hospital

Is Nina leaving General Hospital? Who is replacing her on the show?

General Hospital is a popular American TV show that started on April

Temporary Josslyn recast explained.

Is Josslyn leaving General Hospital? The Emotional Journey of Josslyn Jacks

Fans of General Hospital were shocked to see a new face in

Fans have been mesmerized by Maurice Benard's portrayal of Sonny Corinthos

Is Sonny Leaving General Hospital? The Truth Behind Maurice Benard’s Future on the Show Unraveled!

For almost thirty years, Sonny Corinthos, magnificently played by actor Maurice Benard,

Steve Burton returning to General Hospital

Is Steve Burton returning to General Hospital? Is the waiting time over?

Sit tight because we have brought something for you that you have