Is Victor Cassadine leaving General Hospital? Victor’s dead body found

At GENERAL HOSPITAL, Victor Cassadine has died and come back to life. As long-time viewers know that it is challenging to bury a Cassadine!  But probably this time around he is finally dead and not coming back. 

Who is Victor?

A bad guy who we have cursed and praised. Praised the actor and cursed the character, Ah, our lovely or perhaps not-so-lovely Villain. For newer fans who may not be familiar with his history, he has threatened multiple lives and even the entire city of Port Charles!

Dr. Victor Cassadine has been the main antagonist on the ABC drama General Hospital. Victor Cassadine is one of the three brothers who worked together to use the Ice Princess diamond to freeze the world.

Dissimilar to his siblings, Mikkos and Tony Cassadine, Victor was shipped off to jail but was assumed dead. The vicious Victor initiated In the summer of 1981, as portrayed by actor Thaao Penghlis. Penghlis was seen on and off for quite some time. Apparently, everyone beloved that Victor was killed off. 

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The role was recast and revived in 2021 with the help of actor Charles Shaughnessy, who made his debut on September 2, 2021. 

Is Victor Dead at General Hospital? 

With plenty of fireworks left, Victor Cassadine’s diabolically unforgettable run on General Hospital appears to have ended.

Is Victor Cassadine leaving General Hospital
Is Victor Cassadine leaving General Hospital?

After an airstrike eliminated Cassadine and his master plan once and for all, the villain went out in a blaze of glory with the Haunted Star. 

Victor’s Dead body found

Victor’s body was found on Monday, May 8, and it appears that he is dead following the explosion. if sources are to be trusted Shaughnessy made his final appearance, revealing that his character had passed away. 

Is Victor leaving General Hospital?

Fans have been wondering if Victor is leaving the General Hospital for a long time. We knew that Charles Shaughnessy was on out, since way back in April he recognized that his run on the show had concluded.

But we had no idea how it would conclude or how thrilling it would be! We were concerned after Friday’s cliffhanger that Spencer would buy the farm instead of Victor, but fortunately, the Cassadine heir is still with us, and Mikkos’ last villainous generation appears to be gone.

Is Victor Cassadine Leaving GH?

Is Charles Shaughnessy leaving General Hospital

Victor’s Last Message to Fans (Twitter)

Charles Shaughnessy General Hospital

Will Victor be recast? 

However, you never can tell with the Cassadines, who knows what the future holds? Will there be a new Victor? A new face or another shade of Victor with Shaughnessy’s face.

Chances are meek but do we the long-time viewers know what to expect from the show?


Cheers to Charles Shaughnessy. It has almost been confirmed that Victor is leaving General Hospital.

Victor has received one of the most explosive endings ever.  It was a 40-year-long ending, and while we are sad to see the actor of Shaughnessy leave the soap, we must admit that it was a roller coaster ride! 

Stay tuned to see if that’s really the end of the Cassadine!

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