General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 26–30: Eddie finds Nina familiar, Ava and Austin get bad news

According to General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of June 26–30, you will be on edge the entire time. Keep your snacks ready, as the drama and excitement are sure to keep you entertained! Let’s start with Nina.

Will Eddie recognize Nina?

Ned, a.k.a. “Eddie Maine,” might disappear from his hospital bed as Brook Lynn goes into a panic. It could be Brook Lynn, or someone else, who is tasked with finding “Eddie.” Nina might be the one to guide Ned back to his loved ones since she will likely recognize a familiar face.

If “Eddie” also recognizes Nina, it would be interesting to see what he remembers about her, especially if he feels compelled to do so.

However, Nina starts to worry about another danger because Martin might have to reveal his client’s identity. Nina is anxious about the possibility of her SEC snitch secret blowing up because it appears that Martin will face more pressure.

Laura’s pep talk

Anna will continue to feel down about being kicked out of the WSB in shame, but Laura will encourage her. Spencer and Esme, who will also receive a stern lecture from Laura later, risk being on the receiving end if they can not maintain harmony.

The bad news

When a disturbing message is received, Ava and Austin will respond. Mason may reveal some trouble from the boss because Austin and Ava will both be shaken by some updates they receive. Even though Ava will later be a panicked mess, Austin will not feel bad about what he did.

With this Sonny situation, Austin may decide to take matters into his own hands, which would be a significant risk. On the other hand, Austin might purposefully fire Pilar, perhaps by staging a disappearance act or something similar.

As is always the case, Austin will perceive their situation as becoming more urgent and will therefore exert more effort to obtain the Pikeman’s information and ensure his survival as well as Ava’s.

Yet another setback for Drew

According to additional General Hospital spoilers, Carly will receive more terrible news. Carly will not be happy about another setback of any kind because this will come right after Drew was given two years in Pentonville.

Lizz gets an invite

As for Sonny, he’ll extend an offer to someone while Elizabeth gets an invitation of her own. Hamilton might invite Liz to go somewhere with him, but we’ll see if she can squeeze it into her packed schedule now that she’s the head nurse.

Cuties! Dante and Sam

Sam may be worried that Drew will leave Scout behind, but they will still have fun because Dante and Sam will spend some time together in another location.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 26–30: Eddie finds Nina familiar, Ava and Austin get bad news
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 26–30

We will see if Drew makes a vow to Scout or perhaps Carly since her worries will grow in the coming week. Drew will make a vow to someone.

What’s going on with Spencer?

He will have a major outburst when he is back with Spencer. Esme might be the target of Spencer’s temper flash since he is currently making an effort to get along with Dex.

According to GH spoilers for the week of June 26–30, Trina will desire some alone time with Spencer, but he might quickly be called away for another Ace crisis.

Trina to convince Portia

Next, according to GH’s spoilers, Trina will put pressure on Portia, perhaps convincing her to ask her mother to pardon Curtis and put forth a serious effort to repair their marriage.

Jordan will also be found by Zeke, who will probably seek to make amends for having revealed the details of their kiss to his sister despite his best efforts to keep them a secret.

For Curtis to realize Jordan unintentionally confided in Zeke before their hookup and Zeke then exposed the lip lock to Portia, he will need to put pieces of the puzzle together.

Sasha’s confession

Last but not least, Sasha will be completely open with Sonny, which may result in painful Gladys revelations and broken trust. Keep checking back to learn more about what else is going on in Port Charles during the week of June 26–30.

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