SoapAsk Staff

The author at SoapAsk is a skilled writer, editor, and researcher with extensive experience in the soap opera industry. They have a regular habit of watching TV series and soap operas, and have a deep understanding of the genre.

After completing their degree in communication and advertising, the author began working in SoapAsk. Their expertise and passion for the soap opera industry makes them a valuable asset to the company and to the soap opera community.

Johnson Peprah

Author NameJohnson Peprah
LocationOxnard, California
Expertise on Soap Opera
Experience10 Years+

Johnson Peprah, the mastermind behind the captivating world of SoapAsk! This literary virtuoso hails from the vibrant city of Oxford, California, where his imagination knows no bounds. With a keyboard as his trusty companion, he fearlessly embarks on a journey through the realm of writing, emerging as a prominent blogger extraordinaire.

Johnson’s eclectic interests span far and wide, encompassing entertainment, politics, and the art of fact-checking. He weaves a tapestry of knowledge and insight with every word he crafts that leaves readers spellbound.

It doesn’t stop there! Johnson’s true superpower lies in his unwavering dedication to delivering accurate and reliable information. He stands tall as a beacon of truth. He fearlessly debunks myths and brings light to the shadows.

So, dear readers, enter the realm of SoapAsk and embark on a journey that will enlighten, entertain, and challenge your perceptions. Follow this trusted voice in the digital sphere as he fearlessly tackles the subjects that matter. Get ready to be amazed by the power of words and the boundless imagination of Johnson Peprah.

Kelly Taylor (Editor-In-Chief)

Author NameKelly Taylor
LocationLowellville, Ohio
SchoolThe Ohio State University
Expertise on Days of our Lives
Experience15 Years+

Kelly has written numerous articles on a wide range of subjects, including celebrities, motion pictures, television shows, and more. When she was old enough to handle a pencil, Sam has been writing.

A member of the reporting staff and Editor-In-Chief at SoapAsk is Kelly Taylor; newly she is working on Days of our Lives.

She is a devoted entertainment user who is enthusiastic about spreading new developments to the world. Kelly has essentially always written about the following results obtained to ladies and celebrities. Initially, she worked as an editing assistant. She has received academic training in journalism, creative writing, and literature.


She has penned countless quizzes, entertainment pieces, and shopping posts. For two years running, she was the best procuring writer. Since 2022, she has been an independent content writer.

Kelly has essentially always written about following results were obtained to ladies and celebrities. Initially, she worked as an editing assistant.


She holds a mass communication bachelor’s degree. She earned the gold medal for academic excellence and graduated first in her class. With a passion for reality television, celebrity news, SoapAsk is the ideal home for such a broad writer.

Diane Mula (Content Writer)

Diane Mula is an ideal fit for the staff of SoapAsk because she has always been passionate about writing web series, celebrity lifestyle, and entertainment. Currently she is writing on web series General Hospital.

Author NameCindy Sartori
LocationLowellville, Ohio
SchoolMontclair State University
Expertise on General Hospital
Experience6 Years+

Her experience as a content writer for a B2B podcasting firm explains why she enjoys finding out more about celebrities’ business ventures.

Her Campus, a digital journal for women in college, hired her as a writer and editor, and her career took off.  Diane has finished internships in a variety of fields, including media and digital marketing, in addition to her work with her Campus.


When she initially began writing in college, Diane has always enjoyed writing and has known that she wants to pursue it as a career. She was determined to make this goal come true and worked her way up to become the celebrity editor.

She also secured a position as a qualified independent writer while still in college. She was delighted to combine her love for writing and interest in women’s lifestyle. Diane takes a particular interest in a variety of celebrity and lifestyle stuff.


Diane graduated from Montclair State University with a bachelor’s degree in media as a minor. Her training highlighted writing, lyricism, and creative journalism.

Cindy Sartori (Content Writer)

Cindy Sartori is a fan of a wide range of celebrity and lifestyle material, with a focus on and expertise in TV series.

Author NameCindy Sartori
LocationLowellville, Ohio
SchoolMiami University
Expertise on The Young and the Restless
Experience8 Years+

She has worked as an independent writer and editor for four years, and over 500 of her works have been published. All across middle and high school, she applied this love for narrative writing.

Cindy has ample experience writing and editing for newspapers. She works a full-time job that involves editing papers and talking points for the company’s leadership in addition to her freelance work. She currently works as a freelance writer for SoapAsk and writing on The Young and the Restless series.


Since she started her professional writing career in 2016, Cindy has worked with hundreds of clients and brands to produce original content.

Cindy has experience working as a freelance writer and editor for numerous publications across a wide range of subject areas.

Cindy developed her writing skills and eventually moved to editorial work with a keen emphasis on film and television media analysis and reporting. She has years of writing and editing expertise for content in the areas of film, television, celebrity news, and lifestyle.


Cindy earned a degree in psychology and film media from the Miami University.

Angela Neal (Contributing Writer)

Angela has been using her skills as a journalist to write for more than 10 years about entertainment and other topics.

Author NameCindy Sartori
LocationNew York, USA
SchoolBrooklyn College
Expertise on The Bold and the Beautiful
Experience10 Years+

Angela has a large collection of vintage entertainment publications. Angela knows everything there is to know about classic television. She has been working in the world of entertainment for nearly a decade.


Angela Nealhas dedicated her entire existence to consuming entertainment news, and she turned this passion into a profession. She worked on several magazines covering soap opera, theatre, and celebrities in the 2000s. She served seven years as the founding editor of

Since she was able to speak, Angela has enjoyed telling stories and has always wanted to work in the entertainment industry. She has now been employed in the sector for almost ten years. Angela has experience in every sphere of entertainment, including movies, television, and the internet.

She has written and directed segments for broadcast television, a web series that has won awards and been recognized by the Television Academy Base, and she is currently working on The Bold and the Beautiful series for SoapAsk.


Angela earned a degree in journalism and television/radio programming from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.