General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: A character says Farewell, Eddie, and Nina

General Hospital Spoilers state that between June 26 and July 7, Ava and Austin will go through a shocking change. During the week of June 26–30, it appears that Austin and Mason’s boss may do something to send a bad message.

Ava will start to feel anxious, but Austin will act on his own and may end up making things worse.

Nina and Eddie?

In the interim, Nina will make an effort to convince Ned to leave Port Charles. Since Nina will support “Eddie Maine” in every way during his music career in Vegas or elsewhere that takes him as far away as possible, he will be drawn to her.

It appears, though, that Sonny will persuade “Eddie” to allow him into the studio so that he can schedule performances. Sonny will make a compelling argument for Ned to remain in town and continue residing at his penthouse by promising “Eddie” a fresh start in the music industry.

Trina confides in Josslyn

It appears that Spencer will remain preoccupied with Ace and all the duties that come with helping to raise a child, which will keep him from his other tasks.

Trina will confide in Josslyn and probably express concern about constantly having to compete for Spencer’s attention. Trina might start to doubt her ability to continue living with Esme and her son in the picture in the future.

Trina medals in Portia and Curtis business

Trina will later show Portia some tough love. Although Trina will comprehend why Portia is upset about Curtis’ kiss with Jordan, she might mention that Curtis has already pardoned Portia for a much worse secret.

Curtis will come to an unexpected realization, to be sure. Although Jordan did not know Zeke was Portia’s brother at the time, Curtis will probably conclude that Jordan revealed their lip lock while having a steamy night with Zeke.

Drew’s fate

Sam and Carly will speak in a tense manner once more during the week of July 3–7. Sam will be more concerned about the impact this separation will have on Scout now that Drew faces three years at Pentonville rather than a six-month stay at Spring Ridge.

Yet it was ultimately Drew’s choice to proceed with that perilous plea bargain, not Carly’s. Since Drew made it clear he would not back down from his decision, Sam will not place the blame on Carly.

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks A character says Farewell, Eddie, and Nina.
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: A character says Farewell, Eddie, and Nina.

Before Drew’s time in Pentonville begins, he will receive a special gift; it might be something Scout made or something Carly offers in its place. In either case, Drew will experience some emotional ups and downs as he gets ready to say goodbye.


Speaking of farewells, you can watch the Epiphany finale episode once more on July 4. For the Fourth of July holiday, the show will air this special encore and refrain from producing any new material.

Felicia will dig into Martin

In the meantime, Felicia will investigate Lucy, so she will delve into Martin’s past and possibly learn some shocking details about his finances.

Nina will undoubtedly continue to be anxious about the possibility that her SEC tipoff secret will be revealed, but eventually, she will hear some good news.

Dante’s suspicion

It might, however, be quiet before the storm, especially given that Dante will have to deal with some rumors. Maybe Dante will learn that Harrison observed Nina acting unusually on the security tapes around the time of Ned’s accident.

Cody’s dilemma

Cody will then struggle with his conscience because he will want to tell Sasha the whole truth, but Selina could eliminate him if he dares to reveal any information about her business.

Gladys will become agitated as a result and may end up making a bigger mess by making a deal with Dr. Montague.

Molly to confess

As for Molly, she will be honest with Kristina about how she feels about her infertility issues and all the difficulties she is going through.

It is just a matter of time before Kristina comes up with the idea; there is a good chance she will offer to have a child for Molly at some point.

Lizz and Finn

Elizabeth will receive some motivation from Terry as Hamilton expresses his regrets. There may be some matchmakers who try to steer Liz and Finn away from one another, based on the way things sound.

Tracy meets Diane

In the interim, GH spoilers state that Tracy will speak with Diane. In addition, Tracy will continue to be obstinate and may take extreme measures to help Ned get over his “Eddie” phase because she refuses to concede defeat.

Ana to choose a new career path

Last but not least, Anna will demonstrate her tenacity, so let us hope she chooses a new career to pursue and makes some positive changes to her life. According to General Hospital spoilers, the upcoming two weeks will include some surprises and setbacks.

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