Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 31 – August 4: Gabi and Stefan’s Wedding, Kristen’s Custody Battle, and Nicole’s Shocking Revelation

The week starts with anticipation as Gabi and Stefan prepare to make things official again. Gabi and Stefan should make things official again, but what about Dimitri’s marriage to Gwen? She’s caught up in a sham marriage arrangement with Dimitri, and her intentions are anything but pure.

As Gabi and Stefan’s big day approaches, viewers are left wondering if Gwen’s plan will be exposed and if it will jeopardize their happiness.

Custody Battle Drama: Kristen and Brady Face Off in Court

Kristen will be required to appear in court so that she and Brady can square off once more. Brady and Kristen are both reportedly in for a big surprise, according to Days spoilers, so the judge may decide neither of them deserves custody in the given situation.

In the interim, Rachel may be granted temporary custody of John and Marlena, but things will depend on how they develop.

Secrets Unravel: Sloan’s Deception and Nicole’s Revelation

Li spending more time with Melinda will worry Wendy, she is sure of it. Wendy will want to protect her brother because Melinda has already shown that she is unreliable. Since Sloan will ultimately allow her secret to fall into Melinda’s hands, she may learn that lesson the hard way.

Sloan rigged Nicole’s paternity test results, and Melinda will know it. If their new friendship does not work out, Melinda will be able to use that shocking revelation against Sloan.

Eric will present a proposition up until that point that completely underwhelms Sloan. It appears that Eric will propose in a rather uninteresting manner and might propose a small ceremony at the courthouse rather than a formal wedding.

Relationships and Conflicts: Chanel, Abe, Wendy, and Melinda

Chanel assists Abe as he struggles with his lost memories in the hope that he will reclaim his past. However, Paulina does not appear to be improving, and the situation only seems to get more difficult.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 31 - August 4: Gabi and Stefan's Wedding, Kristen's Custody Battle, and Nicole's Shocking Revelation
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 31 – August 4

Wendy is concerned that Melinda Trask, whom she believes to be unreliable, is connected to her brother. As secrets start to surface, Melinda manages to use Sloan’s trick, which could lead to complications. Regarding his missing memories, Chanel will give Abe some encouragement.

Paulina will be hoping that Abe will remember when he is back in his normal setting, but their apartment will not be the same as it was before. Since she is included in that, Paulina will continue to find the situation annoying.

As soon as she is back with Chanel, she will cross paths with Talia once more and may attempt to repair their broken relationship.

Mini Spoilers

A curveball in Tripp’s bed will give him an unexpected wake-up call. However, things might not be what they seem at first glance. It appears that someone unexpected will end up in Tripp’s bedroom.

Chad complains to EJ about his problems with Alex, and Alex updates Stephanie on his most recent romantic exploits.

Maggie will turn to Xander for help, so as part of her plan, she might want him to get in touch with Sarah.

Harris will run into someone at Bayview that Days viewers will recognize, so perhaps he will run into Ava while she is staying there.

The week ahead in Days of Our Lives promises to be filled with surprises, drama, and emotional revelations. As the characters navigate through weddings, custody battles, and secrets, their lives will be forever changed. Stay tuned to SoapAsk for more thrilling spoilers, updates, and news as the captivating storyline unfolds.

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