After Anne Hathaway asked a question to the audience and they remained silent, the interview on “The Tonight Show” took an awkward turn.

When Anne Hathaway appeared on The Tonight Show recently, she was put in an awkward situation. The 41-year-old actress asked the crowd on Monday if they had read the book that was the basis of her most recent film, The Idea of You?

We are not readers, sorry. This is ‘The Tonight Show.’ Visit Stephen Colbert if you want to inspire people to read books. Horrible!” He chuckled. The late-night show presenter joked, “We do Audible here,” and the audience burst out laughing. Hathaway, however, took the joke a step further and asked in a caustic manner, “What is a book?”

She might have believed that one or two people had read it, but she shuddered at the response from the crowd. 

Social media users showered Hathaway and Fallon with praise, amazed at how well they handled the situation. On X, the former Twitter, fan commented, “This is so funny that I can’t stop thinking about it.” “Anne is coping like a pro, fighting for her life up there.”

One more fan quipped, “Anne Hathaway got Jimmy Fallon to be funny and banter for 10 seconds. Her f**king power.” Yet another fan said, “Jimmy was a great host in this situation!”

However, not everyone loved the awkward moment, as one fan expressed, “It landed! He nailed it! He dragged it for far too long after that.” Another commented, saying, “I thought it was humorous but demeaning to his audience and show.” It is very self-deprecating to say that they don’t read—or that no one reads books anymore. A punch in the gut. However, no Anne Hathaway was injured in the making of that comment.

After Anne Hathaway asked a question to the audience and they remained silent, the interview on "The Tonight Show" took an awkward turn.
Anne Hathaway

This week, Hathaway has been busy promoting her upcoming movie, which opens on May 2. During her press tour, the “Princess Diaries” actress talked about her upbringing in the spotlight and some other embarrassing moments she had when she first started her career.

She recalled being asked to kiss ten men to see if there was chemistry between them in an interview she gave earlier this month. “I was told, ‘We have 10 guys coming today and you’re cast. Aren’t you excited to make out with them?’” she said.

‘Is there something wrong with me?’ I wondered to myself. Not that I was thrilled. It sounded disgusting to me.” To avoid coming across as “difficult,” Hathaway complied with the test at the time, saying, “It was just a very different time, and now we know better.”

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