Days of Our Lives spoilers June 14 2023: Stefan and Gabi kiss, Paulina still looking for information

We came bearing gifts! These are Days of Our Lives spoilers for June 14, 2023. Woo the episode is going to be intense. Intense in many different ways. Whatever genre you are seeking today, you will find it! Either you enjoy romance or you want to see a fascinating movie. 

We have got you covered, so do not worry.  Paulina is reportedly waiting for an update, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers for June 14, 2023. While Abe discovers some information about his background.

The romantic part now: Stefan chooses to spend the evening with Gabi, and what do you think happen? Spoilers ahead; keep reading to find out what happens next! Between the lines, there are additional spoilers for the week to come.

Paulina is looking for news

Paulina will be checking tomorrow for any new developments. She consults Steve and John because she is worried about Abe. She asks if they have been able to find Abe in any way. John and Steve are still making a lot of effort to locate him.

DOOL Spoilers suggest that Paulina requests an update on the whereabouts of her husband. She needs to go ask Steve and John if they have found Abe, which tells us that—yeah, probably not.

Abe has found something

Abe gains knowledge of his past. He continues to watch Body and Soul with Whitley, in which Deidre Hall plays Charlemagne and Mary Beth Evans portrays Kassandra.

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Abe struggles to regain his memory while watching and discovering more about his past. Abe worries that the attacker may have just arrived at the house. He gets a headache, but he needs to figure out how to defend himself. He must wait till “Paulina” gets home. He rubbed his forehead and started the old episode again.

Days of Our Lives spoilers June 14 2023: Stefan and Gabi kiss, Paulina still looking for information
Days of Our Lives spoilers June 14 2023: Stefan and Gabi kiss

In it, Charlemagne, a woman with curly blonde hair, takes on makeup while sporting a glittering blue blazer. Cassandra, another woman, confronts her. Cassandra swears they will settle their differences once and for all while sporting a purple fur coat and long brown hair.

The big-haired women catfight over who is chosen as the year’s woman of the year, shooting each other soap opera glares in the process. Abe finds it hard to accept that is the cause of their argument. They then start fighting over an amnesic man named Rhett.

Stefan and Gabi steamy evening

After several business discussions, Stefan decides to spend the evening with Gabi. For an evening with Gabi, Stefan makes time. Spoilers! Expect steamy scenes…

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Well, given their chemistry, getting swept up at the moment does not take much.

At the DiMera estate, the two had a passionate kiss upstairs before they take their kiss to the bed.

EJ confronts Megan

Meanwhile, Li persuades Wendy that he has moved on from Gabi while EJ confronts Megan after learning of her murderous plot. 

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