Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Next Week of July 17–21: Kristen’s Showdown, Leo’s Guilt, and Maggie’s Discovery

Get ready for a thrilling week on Days of Our Lives as the characters face a new wave of challenges, secrets, and surprising twists. In the spoilers from July 17-21, a shocking connection forms between Trask and Li.

The search for Lani continues, unraveling a sinister plot, while Tripp plans a surprise and Johnny finds solace in an intriguing encounter. Maggie stumbles upon a secret, putting Justin and Bonnie in a tight spot, while Alex stirs up trouble for Stephanie and Chad.

Steve and John embark on a risky break-in, and Rafe and Paulina grow concerned for Lani’s safety. Join us for a week filled with suspense, romance, and dramatic revelations on Days of Our Lives.

Kristen’s Showdown with Brady and Dimitri’s Deal

With Brady, the custody arrangement that Kristen pushes for will be thrown out. After a significant confrontation with Brady, Kristen will claim that he threatened her as she pursues a new legal strategy.

Brady will get into trouble as a result of Jada grilling him, according to Days spoilers. At some point, Kristen will meet with Dimitri and try to negotiate a deal. If Kristen wants to keep his many secrets hidden, he might ask Dimitri for assistance in placing Rachel in protective custody.

Rachel’s loose lips could cause problems for both Dimitri and Leo because she knows too much after overhearing Dimitri and Leo talking in the bedroom.

Leo’s Guilt and Gwen’s Inheritance Dilemma

In light of the fact that Leo has put Gwen’s fiancé to bed and is aware that Dimitri is only using Gwen to obtain the inheritance money, Leo will likely experience guilt over the decision. Dimitri, however, might also be giving Leo the information he desires to hear.

Leo might be taken advantage of just as easily as Gwen is, given that Dimitri has demonstrated his ability to put on a show. Leo will, nevertheless, consider confessing to Gwen, but it seems likely that he will decide to hold back for the time being.

Stefan’s Truce with EJ and Trask and Li’s Unexpected Connection

After that, Stefan and EJ will agree to a truce, at which point Gabi will receive updates from him. Gabi may support Stefan because they agreed to work together, but she might also be concerned that EJ will turn on her soon-to-be husband once more.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Next Week of July 17–21
Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Next Week of July 17–21

Other Days spoilers indicate that Li and DA Melinda will connect over an event that makes them angry, most likely one involving Stefan and Gabi. It will cause Trask and Li to connect in a way that neither of them anticipated, so perhaps a surprising romance is in store for them.

The Search for Lani and Whitley’s Mental Health Concerns

The search for Lani will go on while I am back with Rafe and Jada. Whitley’s entire plan may fall apart because John and Steve will also find a shocking piece of information. Whitley will likely be holding Lani and Abe hostage, but she can not continue doing this indefinitely.

Given that Marlena Evans formerly served as Whitley’s therapist, Dr. Evans will discuss this with Kayla and express concern for Whitley’s mental health. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that as several storylines progress, some breathtaking scenes will soon be made known.

Tripp’s Surprise and Johnny’s Romantic Encounter

Days spoilers indicate that while Johnny wallows in his misery, Tripp will surprise Wendy across town. Rafe will learn more about Johnny’s situation after he confides in him about Wendy’s decision to break up with him.

Soon Johnny will have an intriguing encounter with Talia, so perhaps new romantic possibilities are just around the corner.

Maggie’s Discovery and Justin and Bonnie’s Tight Spot

Fans of DOOL can anticipate Justin and Bonnie finding themselves in yet another predicament at the Kiriakis mansion. According to Days of Our Lives Spoilers for next week of July 17–21, Maggie will overhear Bonnie and Justin discussing Sarah’s secret, prompting her to ask them questions that they might find difficult to respond to.

Mini Spoilers

Alex will need to tell Stephanie and Chad some information, so he might bother them now that they live next to each other in the same apartment complex.

In the hopes that Jerry’s apartment will hold the solutions they seek, Steve and John will proceed with a break-in.

Rafe and Paulina will start to worry when Lani disappears in the meantime. Rafe and Paulina will quickly become suspicious of wrongdoing!

Sloan and Eric will make a significant decision elsewhere, perhaps deciding to live together as a couple.

Chloe and Xander will experience a significant increase in their love for one another. This might prompt Chloe and Xander to declare their love for one another soon enough.

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