Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 30 2023: Camila Banus aka Gabi is leaving, Engagement party goes wrong

The Friday, June 30th episode of Days of Our Lives will leave you in the dark because Gabi is soon to depart. What does this imply for Stefan and Rolf, in your opinion? Let us find out.

Eric comforts Nicole

Eric stands by Nicole’s side to comfort her after she experiences a pregnancy scare. (Do not you think that this development will make Bet Sloan giddy?) What if the mother and the baby both experience terrible problems, and Nicole finds herself in critical need of a transplant immediately to save her life?

Therefore, there might be a problem. Recall how we stressed how important family is. Nicole does not have any around here. She is quite a remarkable character in that she has been alive for twenty-five years and has lived alone for the majority of that time.

We suppose the best course of action is to know your enemy. That explains why Leo has Megan under close observation. In the meantime, EJ and Kristen start to worry that they might not survive their most recent misadventure! And Kate is downright shocked to find out that Megan is a free woman.

Megan has been interrupted so frequently that she has not had a chance to lock the back door leading to the hidden passageway from the backyard garden. Since Leo was residing in that hidden room when Abigail was murdered, he is aware of both the entrance and exit.

When he is in the tunnel, all it would take for him to realize someone is in trouble is for EJ and Kristen to begin screaming for assistance. Leo does not have many friends in Salem, but if he releases EJ and Kristen, he will undoubtedly win over a few DiMeras who will be appreciative. No one has ever made the “improvement” of soundproofing the room.

The engagement– Major drama and Chaos

Even by Salem standards, the celebration of Gabi and Stefan’s engagement is about to get very dramatic! When Wendy picks up the phone in their apartment, Tripp hears her appear to accept an invitation to dinner while she is only wearing a towel.

Megan is not cheating on Tripp, as it appears that invitations to her extravagant engagement party for Gabi and Stefan are beginning to circulate. Stefan also helps Gabi put on a sensual black sequin dress as she makes lewd comments while getting ready for the party.

Gabi is saying Goodbye to DOOL!

The strategy Rolf devised to eliminate Stefan is carried out. (Given that we are aware that Camila Banus’ Gabi will soon leave the picture, could she become the unwitting victim of this most recent ruse?) Here’s a twist from Days of Our Lives that we did not see coming, which is saying a lot considering that the drama has twice invited Satan to visit the city: Following 13 years, Camila Banus is leaving the soap opera. Her final episode has already been recorded, according to The Wrap!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 30 2023: Camila Banus aka Gabi is leaving, Engagement party goes wrong
Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 30 2023

Banus decided to leave decisively and without haste. About a month before her current contract expired, she and the soap started talking. A deal “where I would have a little bit more time off” was what she was hoping to negotiate. They decided against it though.

Although Banus claims that she and the executives appeared to be able to agree, it did not work out that way.

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