Who is Kym Douglas on Young and Restless?

Recently, Y&R extended an invitation to Kym Douglas, Jerry’s widow, to make an appearance in the episode, scheduled to air on Thursday, June 22, as Zelda Winston, a person with connections to the Abbott family, specifically Traci (Beth Maitland).

Television viewers are likely most familiar with Kym Douglas from her appearances as a regular correspondent on the Hallmark Channel programs Home & Family and Ellen, where she was friends with the late Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

Who is Kym Douglas?

A television personality, actress, and blogger from the United States, Kymberly Douglas (née Bankier; born 1959). Her most notable guest starring roles were in L.A. Law (1991), In Living Color (1993), Retired at 35 (2011), and The Bold and the Beautiful (2017), all of which helped her become well-known.

She was married to actor Jerry Douglas from The Young and the Restless from 1985 until his passing in 2021. She has been open about her battles with breast cancer and has been cited as a beauty and lifestyle expert by numerous publications due to her work as a blogger.

A special episode for the late Jerry Douglas

The late Jerry Douglas’ widow, Kym Douglas, was naturally asked if she would be interested in appearing in a very special episode that would center on the role of John Abbott for Young and Restless. She will also play a character in the show, which will debut on Thursday, June 22, who has a connection to the Abbott family.

The role of Traci Abbott’s agent was sought after because Beth Maitland, who plays the character, has a long history of being a very successful writer.

Who is Kym Douglas on Young and Restless
Who is Kym Douglas on Young and Restless?

It was a great thing because who better to ask than someone who has written books and was a journalist? Although it is just me, I have decided that Zelda Winston’s great-grandfather was Harry Winston and that she has a lot of diamonds.

Kym Douglas as Zelda Winston

It will be revealed that Zelda is the new book agent and that she has had a long-standing friendship with the Abbotts. Zelda will counsel Traci on how to handle the drama between her siblings while she is at the Abbott residence and introduce her to Diane Jenkins.

Traci eventually dreams that the family home will serve as a haven and a constant reminder of what is most important.

It turns out Zelda is closely related to the Abbott family, so it will be interesting to see how she is incorporated into the narrative.

Jerry and Kym’s story

Jerry insisted that the family eat dinner together, and every Sunday we had a family guest night, Kym said in December 2020 to Woman’s World. We are connected and our spirits are fed by this.” Throughout their 36-year marriage, Kym and Jerry stood by one another.

She started appearing frequently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she shared some of her favorite cosmetics with the host and viewers. Kym made an appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful, just like her husband.

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Kym Douglas – FAQS

Why did Jerry Douglas leave Y&R?

His wife also decided to relocate to Carmel at the same time, taking their children with them (son Jod) was born after the family moved to California. Douglas gave up acting and followed her to keep his marriage intact.

Did Douglas have children?

Carys Zeta Douglas, Dylan Michael Douglas

Why is Douglas not sure when he was born?

As most enslaved people are forbidden from knowing their ages, Douglass was born in Talbot County, Maryland, though he is unable to recall the year.

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