Young and Restless Spoilers June 22: Abbott family drama

The drama involving the Abbott family will be the only topic of discussion in the episode, according to The Young and the Restless Spoilers for Thursday, June 22.

There will be a special tribute to Jerry Douglas by his wife Kym, who is playing the role of Zelda in the series.

Kym Douglas tribute to Jerry Douglas

Kym Douglas will play Zelda on The Young and the Restless on Thursday, June 22, according to spoilers, and it will be in honor of her late husband Jerry. The drama involving the Abbott family will take up the remainder of the episode.

Traci will complain to her literary agent, who also happens to be a close friend of the Abbotts, in order to vent her resentment. Kym Douglas will play Zelda Winston in this extra-special episode that pays tribute to her late husband, Jerry.

Zelda will meet Diane while she is at the Abbott residence, and she will give Traci suggestions on how to deal with her siblings’ drama. Traci eventually wants the house to serve as a refuge and a reminder of what is crucial.

In an effort to alert Jack, Ashley, and Billy to the situation, Traci will text them in an emergency, according to Y&R spoilers, before the argument gets out of hand.

Traci wants to sort out differences

Traci will believe that now is the proper time for people to work out their differences. Traci, who is very determined, will do her best to act as the referee and put things right.

Even though Ashley and Jack are embroiled in a bitter rivalry, Traci will persuade Billy to go so that she will have someone on her side.

Young and Restless Spoilers June 22: Abbott family drama
Young and Restless Spoilers June 22: Abbott family drama

Billy will unequivocally agree that it is time for family harmony, even though Jack and Ashley will remain stubborn as always. Traci will explode in anger due to Ashley and Jack getting into yet another heated argument.

Traci rarely gets angry, as fans of Y&R know, but she will eventually lose patience with her sister and brother. Traci will exert pressure on Jack and Ashley to consider their father, which will cause them to consider how John would respond to all the hostility.

More fighting will ensue as a result, and Traci will eventually depart from her family in order to force her siblings to learn how to control their rage. Traci will make an effort to improve everything, but she will not be certain that her efforts were successful.

The Abbott family drama

By the episode’s conclusion, Ashley and Jack will have come across some memories of John Abbott, which will give viewers some amazing Jerry Douglas flashbacks as his children reflect on their father’s legacy.

Traci’s efforts may be good news for Jack and Ashley, at least for however long the potential newfound peace lasts, according to Y&R spoilers!

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