Who is the new Molly on General Hospital?

Halley Pullos has reportedly been replaced at General Hospital. Since 2009, Molly Lansing-Davis has been portrayed by an actress. Last week, she announced her departure.

When a cast member leaves a role, a soap opera typically has two options: either they can have other characters have one-sided phone conversations with them or they can let the character disappear from the plot and continue to be mentioned occasionally. A temporary replacement is also used for the character.

The reasons for Pullos’ departure from the soap opera as well as the identity of the new Molly on General Hospital are all detailed below.

Who is Molly on General Hospital?

She is the daughter of lawyer Ric Lansing and his ex-wife, also a lawyer named Alexis Davis, who was first introduced to the character in November 2005.

As a “nerd” and victim of bullying, Molly is regarded as “smart.” Additionally, Molly experienced post-traumatic stress disorder in 2011.

Who played Molly in General Hospital? First Molly— Haley Pullos,  Daytime Emmy Award Nominee

When Haley Pullos took over in 2009, the toddler, who had previously been portrayed by two sets of twins, had grown into a preteen. The actress, who was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2015 for Outstanding Younger Actress, is still giving standout GH performances today, albeit on a more frequent basis.

Who is the new Molly on General Hospital
Who is the new Molly on General Hospital?

Holiday Mia Kriegel was cast in the part temporarily in May 2023 while Pullos recovered from a car accident that resulted in her arrest and rehab, according to the announcement.

Pullos Car Accident

According to records obtained by TMZ, Pullos was detained for driving while intoxicated. According to the police report, the actress was driving in Pasadena on April 29 when she swerved, crossed the center line, and entered oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with another vehicle traveling at about 60 mph.

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Pullos is fortunate to be alive, based on the graphic photos that TMZ published of the horrific crash. Although hospitalized with serious injuries, the driver of the other vehicle lived as well.

Firefighters eventually managed to free the young woman from her car, and they then transported her to the hospital by placing her in an ambulance. She was arrested there by police for felony DUI.

Who is the new Molly on General Hospital?

The casting team at General Hospital recently recast, and they had a great deal of success. In actuality, Holiday Mia Kriegel’s performance as the new Molly was very impressive.

Kriegel gave a strong performance despite the difficulties that come with playing a character dealing with a difficult medical diagnosis in one’s debut. It is clear from her actions that she handled the challenging situation with tact and competence.

Holiday Mia Kriegel, an actress who has previously appeared in TNT’s Animal Kingdom and CBS’s Bull, will fill in for Pullos in Molly’s role on the hit TV show General Hospital while she is away. It was the week of May 22 when Kriegel first appeared.

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New Molly on General Hospital – FAQs

Who is the new Molly on GH 2023?

Beginning the week of May 22, 2023, Holiday Mia Kriegel will temporarily fill the position of Molly Lansing-Davis on “General Hospital,” replacing Haley Pullos.

Who played Molly Lansing?

Casting Between November 2005, when she was born, and 2007, Twins Hope and Faith Dever played Molly. From 2007 to 2008, Molly was portrayed in a few episodes by twins Iris and Ivy Kaim. Currently, Haley Pullos, who made her acting debut on July 2, 2009, plays her.

Did Molly and TJ get married?

The young lovers were taking the necessary steps to become recognized by the law as domestic partners. This means that even though Molly and TJ are not legally wed, they will still enjoy some of the same legal privileges as a married couple, even though their union might not be acknowledged in all 50 states.

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