General Hospital Spoilers March 7: Molly and TJ’s Baby Plans, Drew’s Surprise for Carly, and Dex’s Fear of Sonny

General Hospital fans, get ready for another exciting episode filled with drama and surprises. Tuesday, March 7, promises to be a thrilling day in Port Charles as several characters deal with unexpected developments.

From Molly and TJ’s baby plans to Drew’s surprise for Carly and Dex’s fear of Sonny, there’s a lot to look forward to. 

So, let’s dive into the latest General Hospital spoilers.

Molly and TJ Plan for a Baby

Molly and TJ have been through their share of ups and downs, but they’re now ready to start a family. After a pregnancy scare, Molly realizes that she wants to have a baby with TJ.

In Tuesday’s episode, the couple will discuss their plans and decide to try for a baby. Will their dream of starting a family come true?

Drew’s Surprise for Carly

Drew has been trying to help Carly deal with the insider trading scandal, and in Tuesday’s episode, he’ll have some good news for her.

Drew surprises Carly with some positive updates, but what could they be? Will they finally find a solution to their problems, or will more complications arise?

Portia’s Wrong Instinct

Marshall Ashford talks to Portia about her instinct, but he worries that she’s allowing the rift between her and Curtis to widen.

Alexis Davis also asks Curtis to come with her to talk about her concerns for him. With so much tension in the air, will Portia’s instincts prove to be right or wrong?

Dex’s Fear of Sonny

Dex Heller is worried that Sonny may be onto him after being shut out of the Pikeman deal. He confesses his fears to Michael, who urges him to stay calm and impress Sonny to get back into the loop.

General Hospital Spoilers March 7: Dex's Fear of Sonny
General Hospital Spoilers March 7: Dex’s Fear of Sonny

Dex will soon have an opportunity to prove himself to Sonny, but will he be successful? Or will Sonny catch on to his schemes?

Willow’s Discussion with Nina

Willow has been dealing with a lot lately, from her breakup with Michael to her kidnapping by Peter August. In Tuesday’s episode, she has an honest discussion with Nina Reeves about Liesl Obecht’s desire for them to imagine a world where Nina isn’t her enemy.

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Will Willow be able to put the past behind her and establish a bond with Nina? And will Liesl be the one to save Willow’s life?

Closing Thoughts

General Hospital continues to deliver exciting episodes filled with drama and surprises. Tuesday’s episode promises to be no different, with several storylines coming to a head.

From Molly and TJ’s baby plans to Dex’s fear of Sonny, there’s plenty to keep fans on the edge of their seats. 

Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers and see what happens next in Port Charles.

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