What happened to Drew on General Hospital?

Viewers have been enthralled by Drew’s appearance on the show as they have followed his journey through intriguing storylines, emotional struggles, and personal development.

Drew’s character never ceases to have a significant influence on the plot of General Hospital, whether it be through dealing with his past, developing relationships, or confronting difficulties. Discover more about Drew by reading on.

At General Hospital, who is Drew?

Drew’s appearance on the show keeps viewers enthralled as they eagerly follow his captivating storyline. Actor Cameron Mathison currently plays the role of Drew on General Hospital, giving the role his distinctive charm and talent. Drew’s family history adds even more complexity to the story’s complexity.

He was born to Susan Moore after she had an affair with Alan Quartermaine, and Franco Baldwin, who is thought of as Drew’s sibling, was also raised by Betsy Frank. Using this complex family connection as a springboard, Drew’s journey takes dramatic turns that captivate viewers and heighten their interest in what lies ahead.

Although Drew mistook Billy Miller, who played the character for the first three years, for Jason Morgan, the character made his debut back in October 2014! Because they once shared a facial appearance, Steve Burton played Drew in the flashbacks.

Additionally, Asher McDonell portrayed Drew in a scene from his youth. Unfortunately, when he announced his departure from General Hospital in July 2019, the actor broke the hearts of his fans.

This was not the end of his tale, though, as Cameron Mathison revealed that Drew would be playing his enigmatic new role on the soap opera in August 2021!

What happened to Drew on General Hospital?

According to the plot, Drew is currently in trouble with the SEC. Carly was cautioned by Drew that they could both be arrested for insider trading if it turned out that she had purchased those Aurora shares as a result of his having informed her of the potential merger with ELQ.

What happened to Drew on General Hospital
What happened to Drew on General Hospital?

To avoid drawing attention to what they would do, the couple chose to keep their relationship under wraps. Unfortunately, Carly was taken into custody by the feds while Drew was in Greenland working with the rescue team to stop Victor from destroying the world, and when he got back to Port Charles, he also found himself in trouble.

Drew and Carly devised a scheme to use Tracy to pressure Ned to end the investigation because they thought Ned had turned them in to the SEC.

Is Drew leaving General Hospital?

Yes, Drew, the persona is stepping away from the city for a while. Drew Cain, played by Cameron Mathison, has announced his temporary departure from the General Hospital television series.

However, this is not due to any unfortunate events. Fans have even referred to it as a curse due to its power. Despite being in position 8, Mathison will not show up because of some good news.

Drew’s Death and Return

Drew struggled to cope with his grief after Oscar’s passing, only to find himself at the center of Shiloh’s cunning scheme. Since Drew could not remember anything about the stolen money from their time in Afghanistan, Shiloh stole the flash drive containing his memories and implanted them into Franco.

The cult leader was desperate to find out what happened to the money. As a result, Drew was able to locate the money Shiloh was seeking and discovered it in the car Oscar had left for made it Cameron.

When Franco (as Drew) suggested that the money be returned, Drew agreed. He then took off for Afghanistan, but not before searching for Andre and persuading him to return to Port Charles to transform Franco back into who he had been.

Unfortunately, Peter August’s plans to cover up his involvement in the memory-swapping scheme resulted in Drew’s plane being reported lost, even though Andre was able to return.

Even though Drew was deemed legally dead, it was discovered in 2021 that he was a prisoner who had managed to make a brief call to Sam asking for assistance while he was being held captive in an undisclosed location.

He devised an escape plan when Nurse Chloe Jennings was tending to him, but regrettably, only she was successful in leaving. When he later ran into Dr. Liesl Obrecht, who was also a prisoner, she informed him that Peter was working with Victor Cassadine and that they were responsible for his kidnapping.

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Drew on General Hospital – FAQs

What happened to the first Drew on General Hospital?

It was revealed on July 6, 2021, that Mathison’s opening scene would take place in a foreign jail. On August 8, 2021, it was made official that Mathison would be a recast of Drew. Although Mathison’s voice was first heard on August 16, 2021, he didn’t make his first appearance as Drew until August 17, 2021.

What happened to Jason and Drew on General Hospital?

On General Hospital, Jason received a proper soap opera send-off during his final moments. While he was attempting to save his brother Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison), a tunnel collapsed on him, resulting in his eventual death.

Who is the new Drew on General Hospital?

The role was recast in 2021 with Cameron Mathison, a former cast member of All My Children, who made his debut as Drew on August 16, 2021.

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