General Hospital Spoilers Next Week August 21 – 25: Anna’s Suspicions, Drew’s Threat, and Sonny’s Secrets

A wave of suspense, revelations, and unexpected alliances will sweep General Hospital (GH) during the week of August 21, so get ready for an action-packed week.

Let us get started with the thrilling spoilers that lie ahead, which include Anna’s growing suspicions, Drew’s safety worries, and Sonny’s mysterious secrets.

Anna’s Suspicions Escalate: Unraveling Secrets and Hidden Agendas

General Hospital Spoilers indicate that Anna will be the target of suspicion after being caught off guard by a significant revelation during the week of August 21–25.

With Olivia, she will gain new insight into “Eddie Maine,” aka Ned. Could Olivia find herself falling for “Eddie” even without the return of his memories? If so, Olivia might find herself falling for “Eddie” even without the return of his memories.

That could make Anna even more concerned about Valentin’s secrets. Especially after Dante accuses him of lying about his recent visit to ELQ.

Secrets Unveiled and Plans in Motion: Drew’s Desperate Escape?

Drew will face a serious threat at Pentonville, and Carly will start to worry for his safety. It appears that Carly will finally allow Sonny to help Drew and let him work some connections to get around the current ban on prison visitors.

Sonny will do Carly a favor, so she will meet with Drew and deliver a warning. Once Carly learns about the threat Drew is facing, she might think he needs to leave that place immediately.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week August 21 - 25: Anna's Suspicions, Drew's Threat, and Sonny's Secrets
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week August 21 – 25

Carly might encourage Drew to talk to Zeke about that since there might be a way for him to get transferred to Spring Ridge if he is being watched. But if Carly wants Drew to get away, she might have something more drastic in mind.

If Drew is successful in getting a trip to GH, that might pave the way for a brief getaway at some point. Will injured Drew or someone else entirely is involved in Elizabeth and Austin’s patient care session?

Medical Challenges and Support: Gregory and Curtis’ Journeys

Gregory has to deal with a medical situation as well, so his doctor will give him some information that is probably not easy to hear soon enough.

It appears that Finn will choose to handle learning about Gregory’s ALS diagnosis in the same way by taking Hamilton and Alexis to an AA meeting.

Jordan will later pay a visit to Curtis’ rehabilitation facility to provide support as he continues to get used to living in a wheelchair. Jordan wants Curtis to know that she is thinking of him, even though it will not be an easy task.

Jordan will be waiting for her when she returns with Anna, and she will talk to him about the retaliation plan that is being used against her.

Unraveling Plots and Risky Endeavors: Sonny, Dex, and Ava

In the interim, Dex will be worried that his cover has been blown. Possibly dangerous circumstances could arise if Betty or Mason inform the boss that Dex is looking into Sonny.

If they are careless, this could put Avery in danger; Sonny will probably question Ava, which might be a sign that Betty’s condition is deteriorating.

Sonny will eventually be put in a difficult situation by Nina, who will then try to extract the truth from him once more. Will Sonny finally tell Nina everything he is been hiding and assist her in making sense of all the drama?

Relationships and Revelations: Spencer, Trina, Felicia, and More

According to other GH spoilers, Spencer will first provide Trina with the support she needs before expecting anything in return. Trina will listen once Spencer shares his concerns and will offer him some sound advice.

Felicia will then discover some inspiration, which ought to coincide with the beginning of a new chapter in her life and her goals.

Furthermore, it appears that there will be some terrible news at Deception because Lucy and Maxie will present some terrible updates. Upon the inevitable crash and burn, Brook Lynn will lose her cool and accuse Tracy!

A Confrontation and New Bonds: Sam, Cody, and Kristina

Sam will attack Cody elsewhere, so if he steps up to help her and gets into more trouble as a result, Sasha may need to come up with a new plan of attack. Without regard to the situation, Cody will leap to his defense and make an effort to win Sam over.

Last but not least, Willow will serve as a confidante for Kristina so that they can talk about their fresh starts and bond over overcoming their Dawn of Day pasts.

General Hospital rumors indicate that Kristina will proceed with her plans for the youth center and will almost certainly have Willow’s full backing in doing so.

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