General Hospital Spoilers Next Week August 14 – 18: Sonny’s Risky Move, Dex’s Dangerous Assignment, and Willow receives good news

Get ready for a week of intense drama and suspense on General Hospital! The upcoming episodes from August 14 to 18 promise to deliver a whirlwind of emotions and surprising twists.

As tensions rise, familiar faces find themselves in risky situations and unexpected alliances. From Sonny’s daring trap to shocking revelations about Nikolas, the characters of Port Charles are in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Secrets are on the brink of exposure, relationships are put to the test, and unexpected alliances may just change the course of many lives.

Join us as we delve into the latest General Hospital spoilers and brace ourselves for chaos, confrontations, and the unexpected.

Sonny’s Calculated Risk

According to General Hospital Spoilers Next week August 14 – 18, Sonny will proceed with a dangerous trap. It will happen after someone sets Anna on fire, so this could be Sonny’s attempt to stop Pikeman before they cause further harm.

Alternatively, given that Sonny is attempting to discover where he moved Nikolas’ body, this may have some connection to Mason. That trail might lead to a big surprise because Nikolas is somewhere on life support!

Dex’s Perilous Task

Sonny will attempt to trap someone, and his terrifying task may put Dex in danger. A worrying situation will force Dex to act quickly, and Michael will be watching the situation closely and might be concerned that Dex is in over his head.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week August 14 - 18
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week August 14 – 18

If Dex decides not to tell Michael crucial information, that could also be problematic. Michael may start to think that his agreement with Dex will not work if he keeps keeping secrets.

Betty’s Unseen Role

Betty, Sonny’s victim, will give a progress report on what she has discovered while working for him, but she is not aware that he is deceitful.

Betty will eventually become a pawn in Sonny’s own game because he only imparts to her the things he wants her to know.

Ava may make contact with Sonny once more to inquire about the steps he is taking to put an end to this nightmare because she will still be worried about all the drama and need reassurance.

Family Planning Challenges

According to other GH spoilers, TJ and Molly will have an important conversation that could have an impact on their future. Finding the ideal surrogate to carry their child will probably be made easier for Molly and TJ as a result of this.

Molly will make an exciting announcement later, so TJ and Molly may find the perfect surrogate and announce that their family-planning efforts are moving forward.

Of course, there could be issues that make that surrogate unsuccessful. Kristina may not give up on her plan to assist just yet, we have a feeling!

Portia’s Candid Confession

Portia will be forthcoming and truthful with someone about her thoughts and desires in the entire town. We will cross our fingers that Portia can persuade Curtis that their future together could still be incredibly prosperous.

Trina, meanwhile, will rely on Spencer for support when things get tough.

Confronting Secrets

As it turns out, Willow will receive some wonderful news, so her doctor might permit her to leave the Quartermaine gatehouse.

Even if it takes a while, Willow is prepared to return to her normal self and is anticipating the day when she is given the all-clear to go back to work.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week August 14 - 18
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week August 14 – 18

Meanwhile, Cody will make another attempt to help Sasha, but Gladys will stand in his way. Sam will be busy starting a new investigation, so that could lead to her uncovering some dirty Gladys details.

Brook Lynn will attempt to make Tracy drunk elsewhere, and Tracy may bet that alcohol will make her grandmother’s lips more pliable. Because Tracy has a secret partner and some dubious plans at Deception, Brook Lynn might think that using alcohol to extract information from Tracy will be successful.

“Eddie Maine’s” Dilemma

He will make an offer when he is back with Sonny, which could lead to another proposal that tempts “Eddie Maine,” aka Ned, to stay. However, “Eddie” will not go too far. He recently vanished from the Quartermaine mansion.

To keep “Eddie” in Port Charles, where he belongs, Sonny could catch up with him and make another argument. Whatever the reason, Tracy will eventually get into a fight with “Eddie” while likely inebriated.

Health Revelations

Tracy might reveal her concerns about Finn’s father’s health since we already know he will learn some shocking information.

Gregory might then disclose his ALS diagnosis openly as a result of that. Last but not least, Anna will learn more about a shocking revelation. Will there be additional Valentin’s secrets revealed, or will there be something else?

Keep an eye out for some chaos and altercations during the week of August 14–18, according to General Hospital spoilers.

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