General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Sonny’s Trap, Gregory’s Revelation, and Anna’s Suspicions

In the upcoming weeks of General Hospital (GH), viewers are in for an intriguing rollercoaster ride of emotions and drama.

August 14 to August 25 promises to be filled with intense moments, surprising revelations, and the continuation of ongoing storylines. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect:

Sonny’s Trap for Dex Heller

Sonny Corinthos, portrayed by Maurice Benard, is about to set a trap in motion that will put Dex in a tight spot.

The week of August 14-18 will see Dex risking it all to carry out Sonny’s orders, leading to some close calls with Mason as the storyline progresses.

Gregory’s Concerns and Revelations

Gregory will share a meal with his son Harrison Chase and Brook Lynn. Amidst his suffering from ALS, Gregory is grappling with his mortality. Concerned about his son’s future, he begins to probe Chase and Brook Lynn about marriage.

As his symptoms worsen, Gregory decides he can no longer keep the truth hidden. His diagnosis will finally be revealed to his son Hamilton Finn, who receives shocking news and offers much-needed support.

Portia’s Determination

At Curtis’s rehab facility, Portia arrives to deliver a passionate speech. Despite Curtis’ resistance, Portia is determined to stand by him and help him through his recovery.

A luau at the Metro Court pool promises a night of festive decorations and fun for the characters, providing a lighter moment amidst the intense drama.

Surrogacy Plans

Molly and TJ meet Andrea, a potential surrogate. The couple quickly forms a connection with Andrea, who appears to be the perfect candidate for their surrogacy plans.

Tracy Quartermaine’s Secrets Unveiled

Brook Lynn intends to lower Tracy’s guard by sharing booze, hoping to learn details about her secretive Deception plans, including the identity of her secret partner.

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

This could lead to a confrontation with Ned as tensions rise.

Anna’s Suspicions

Anna receives shocking news that shakes her to the core. During the week of August 21-25, she wrestles with suspicions, possibly related to Valentin’s secrets or another mysterious figure.

Drew’s Danger in Pentonville

Drew faces a frightening threat while in Pentonville prison, raising concerns for his safety. Sonny offers Carly an opportunity to visit Drew despite the visitor ban, possibly leading to an escape plan if the situation escalates.

Relationships and Confrontations

Olivia gains a new perspective on “Eddie,” which could lead to their relationship evolving. Meanwhile, tensions between Nina and Sonny rise, leading to a confrontation.

Kristina and Willow engage in a deep discussion, possibly about their past experiences with Dawn of Day and the paths they are now pursuing.

Deception Crisis and Nina’s Insecurities

A major crisis at Deception leaves Brook Lynn furious, potentially causing a backlash against Tracy. Nina’s insecurities come to the forefront, resulting in conflict and a confrontation with Sonny.

Amid all these twists and turns, GH fans can look forward to an exciting couple of weeks filled with drama, secrets, and character development.

The show continues to keep viewers engaged with its intricate storytelling and dynamic characters. Stay tuned for more updates and news from General Hospital!

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