General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Sonny’s Trap, Sam’s Suspicions, and Fiery Confrontations

General Hospital Spoilers for the next two weeks, August 7 to August 18 bring sneaky plans, fiery confrontations, and shocking revelations. Sam’s suspicions intensify, leading to clashes with Gladys over Sasha.

Meanwhile, Sonny sets a trap and faces dangerous situations, while Trina takes matters into her own hands to support Curtis during his struggles.

Molly and TJ meet with a potential surrogate, Willow receives positive updates on her recovery, and Brook Lynn tries to get answers from a drunk Tracy.

Gladys and Sam’s Clash Over Sasha

According to General Hospital spoilers for the two upcoming weeks of August 7–August 18, some cunning plans and tense confrontations are in store.

In the week of August 7–11, Gladys will once more get on Sam’s bad side, which will force her to answer questions about Sasha that she would rather not. While Sam’s suspicions grow, Cody will try a couple of strategies that fail at Ferncliff.

Cody will eventually enlists Brook to act as a distraction and aid in his attempt to break into Sasha’s room because he will be desperate to check on the girl.

Sam Starts a New Investigation

Mason’s need to survive long enough for them to locate Nikolas’ body will be discussed by Sonny with Brick. Since he has not been upfront about his connections to Pikeman, Valentin will also be subject to Anna’s grilling.

As Anna makes the connection between Pikeman and the WSB and solves some fresh mysteries, there will be more surprises to learn. Sonny will worry about Anna’s safety because she will be targeted once more.

During the week of August 14–18, Sonny may be motivated by Anna’s risky circumstances to proceed with his trap. There will be some awkward situations and intriguing proposals to look forward to, as Anna reels from some shocking new information while Sonny makes a generous offer to someone in need.

Trina Takes Matters into Her Own Hands

In the case of Trina, it appears that regardless of his wishes, she is prepared to take matters into her own hands and go see Curtis. Trina will assume control of the circumstance and possibly as a result, impress Curtis, who will likely end up developing a close relationship with her.

Due to his inability to use his legs, Curtis is struggling, but Trina’s encouragement ought to make him feel better.

Sonny’s Trap and the Nikolas Body Hunt

There could also be a connection between Sonny’s trap and Mason’s and the search for Nikolas’ body, but risks will always exist.

However, likely, Betty Rutherford will not be aware that Sonny is using her as a pawn when she delivers a report to Mason or another member of the organization.

Dex’s Job Puts Him in Jeopardy

Dex will once more be in danger because of his job. Josslyn Jacks might freak out when she learns about Dex’s most recent professional crisis because GH’s spoilers indicate that he will find himself in a desperate situation.

Molly and TJ’s Significant Meeting with a Potential Surrogate

Molly and TJ will welcome a guest for an important meeting. We will see if this goes well and brings TJ and Molly closer to becoming parents. It sounds like they will meet with a prospective surrogate.

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

It may involve picking a specific surrogate and moving forward with the baby’s goal since Molly will make a major announcement later. Of course, there is always a chance that strategy will not work out as expected, and Molly will end up desiring Kristina to act as her surrogate in its place.

Willow’s News About Her Recovery

As it turns out, Willow will also receive some news; consequently, there may be good news regarding her efforts to recover and resume normalcy.

Even though she might not have received the all-clear to go back to work just yet, Willow will keep hoping to resume her nursing career.

Cody Blocked by Gladys, Backfires

He will experience Gladys’ blocking once more while with Cody. Gladys may need to pursue legal action against Cody if she discovers he is attempting to assist Sasha at Bayview, as it appears she will.

Fortunately, Sam will launch a fresh inquiry, which might entail looking into dubious Dr. Damon and his potentially alarming past.

Brook Lynn’s Plan to Get Answers from Drunk Tracy

Regarding Brook Lynn, she will get Tracy drunk and probably try to find out more information about Tracy’s covert Deception ally. Brook Lynn’s attempt to get through to Tracy and get some information did not work out as she had hoped.

Drunk Tracy will become furious as she lashes out at “Eddie Maine,” aka Ned; she may even tell Hamilton that his father appears to be ill.

Finn will likely encounter a surprise, so Tracy might put Gregory Chase in a difficult position and force him to reveal his ALS struggles to the audience of General Hospital.

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