General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 31 – August 4: Molly and TJ’s Family Plans, Tracy’s Invitation

The week of July 31-August 4 in General Hospital promises intense moments as a brawl breaks out in prison, putting Drew Cain at risk, especially after his recent alliance with Cyrus Renault. Speaking of Cyrus, he receives a visit from his brother, Martin Grey, but their reunion might have more than just catching up on their minds.

Meanwhile, Molly Lansing-Davis and TJ Ashford contemplate starting a family, and the offer of surrogacy from Kristina Corinthos-Davis puts them in a difficult position. The couple will have to make a major decision together regarding their plans.

Tracy’s Invitation and Warnings from Alexis

When Tracy receives an invitation, she will choose to accept it. Given that he will end up developing some sort of bond with Tracy in the coming week, Gregory might be the source. But Alexis will have a word of caution to deliver.

Since Alexis is aware of Tracy’s lack of reliability, she will likely make this fact abundantly clear to Gregory and advise him to avoid getting too close. Alexis Davis, on the other hand, is compelled to caution Gregory about Tracy’s reliability and urge him to be watchful.

Sonny’s Theory and Gladys’ Scheme

Mason and Austin’s enigmatic boss may be the subject of Sonny’s theory, which he will be working on. Sonny might have some theories as to why his involvement with the Pikeman is noteworthy. Sonny, however, might reflect on Sasha’s most recent experience and speculate about what shady Gladys might have done.

Cody will have some suspicions of his own, so at some point he might confront Gladys and demand clarification. While Sasha suffers at Ferncliff, Gladys will make every effort to conceal her plan with Dr. Damon.

Maxie will attempt to control the damage at Deception, where Tracy will eventually stroll in and possibly pursue new informational avenues.

Carly’s Interrogation and Laura’s Push for Valentin

The fact that Carly will question Ava makes it possible for her to sense a tension between the two of them. Ava will not want to reveal the same information she revealed to Sonny, so it might leave Carly wondering what happened.

Valentin will receive encouragement from Laura to take action in Chechnya. Valentin might then get in touch with Anna as a result, as she will have some news from Port Charles.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 31 - August 4: Molly and TJ's Family Plans, Tracy's Invitation
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 31 – August 4

On this journey, the danger has, however, already begun to surface in a few hints. Things are getting worse as Laura travels with Valentin, and she will soon have another reason to worry.

Leo’s Peacekeeping and Eddie’s Discovery

Leo will come across a situation where he needs to keep things in line. Ned, also known as “Eddie Maine,” will inevitably be involved in that because he will subsequently make a startling discovery. Will “Eddie” discover anything about Ned’s past, perhaps even something that could jog his memory a little? If Olivia were to consider that possibility, she might feel some optimism.

“Eddie” might also learn that Nina is the SEC spy if the show decides to use a humorous twist. The difference between “Eddie” and “Ned” is that “Eddie” might agree to keep quiet about that information.

Nina’s Visit and Michael’s Concerns

With another opportunity to see Willow Corinthos, Nina Reeves, and Willow have a chance to deepen their relationship. However, Michael Corinthos expresses his worries that Willow might start to trust Nina too much too soon, prompting him to advise her to proceed carefully.

Couples Swap and Confrontations

The young couples temporarily switch scene partners as a result of Trina Robinson confiding in Dex Heller and Josslyn Jacks reprimanding Spencer Cassadine.

The week of July 31–August 4 is expected to be filled with shocking revelations and emotional exchanges in General Hospital, making viewers eagerly anticipate each new installment.

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