General Hospital Spoilers August 7 2023: Sonny Hunts for Mason, Anna’s Dilemma, and Sam questions Gladys

Get ready for a wild ride in Port Charles on Monday, August 7! General Hospital is serving up drama, suspicions, and shocking revelations.

Cody Bell stuns us all with a change of heart, while Sam McCall turns into a detective to uncover the truth about Gladys.

Sasha Gilmore’s world gets hazy, but Nurse Mandy is there to navigate the fog. Valentin and Spencer’s chat promises some Cassadine trouble, and Anna is on the hunt for secrets.

Hold on tight as unexpected offers and Sonny’s mission unfold. It’s General Hospital, and there’s never a dull moment!

Cody Bell Makes a Surprising Decision

General Hospital Spoilers say that on Monday, August 7, Cody will get in touch with Diane to let her know he will not be bringing any charges against Sasha. Even with the visitor list that Gladys put together, Cody will be hoping that Diane can find a way to get him into Ferncliff so that he can see Sasha as soon as possible.

Cody will make an effort to convince the staff, but since Diane’s options are constrained, he will have even more trouble. Sam, who is growing more and more suspicious of Gladys, will confront her about Sasha’s outburst and the circumstances that led to her acting so irrationally.

Diane Faces Challenges at Ferncliff

Cody is hoping that Diane will be able to find a way to get him put on the Ferncliff visitor list so he can see Sasha as soon as possible.

Since Diane has few options, it is possible that she will not be able to give Cody the support he needs. Unfazed, Cody chooses to charm the Ferncliff staff, which further complicates his efforts to meet Sasha.

Sam Confronts Gladys

Sam McCall, who is watching this, decides to confront Gladys about Sasha’s most recent outburst because she is making him wary of her.

Sam is driven to learn what compelled Sasha to act in such an extreme manner and whether Gladys was involved in the incident.

Sasha’s Fogginess and Nurse Mandy’s Support

Due to the medications that Dr. Damon has been giving Sasha, she will be disoriented. The nurse might advise Sasha to relax and focus on getting better, but Sasha will probably feel as though she is missing something important.

Due to the drugs, Dr. Damon has been giving Sasha, she will be disoriented. Despite Nurse’s advice to relax and focus on getting better, Sasha will feel as though she is overlooking something significant.

Anna will take over at that point, and she will go up to Robert and ask him about Pikeman. In London, Anna will remember some details that pique her interest in finding out more about the mysterious security agency.

Valentin and Spencer’s Conversation

Spencer will be the subject of a conversation in the upcoming General Hospital episode on Monday because Laura asked Valentin to do so after he got back to Port Charles.

General Hospital Spoilers August 7 2023
General Hospital Spoilers August 7 2023

Although neither Spencer nor Valentin can make any commitments because they are both Cassadines who frequently seem to be drawn into trouble, Spencer will promise to keep his nose clean if Valentin will.

Anna’s Quest for Answers

Once Anna has taken charge, she will approach Robert and inquire about Pikeman. Anna is intrigued to find out more about the mysterious security organization after recalling some information from a briefing in London.

Olivia’s Shocking Offer to Nina

At the Metro Court, Olivia will maintain Nina’s silence so that she can present the woman with an unexpected offer. That could imply many things, such as Olivia wanting to sell her hotel stock, or it could simply suggest a cease-fire.

Sonny’s Meeting with Brick and Startling News

It appears that Sonny and Brick will talk about what to do with Mason when they get together. Sonny will adamantly assert that “he” lives until they find that body, so it stands to reason that he will want to track down Nikolas Cassadine and get rid of all evidence of him.

The situation is complicated, and since Nikolas is still alive and probably receiving care somewhere, Sonny may soon discover some shocking information.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny will look for more information and will eventually plan to get rid of Mason.

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