General Hospital Spoilers June 20 2023: Ava found something, and Lizz advises Portia

General Hospital Spoilers: Tuesday, June 20 is here, and we suggest you be ready with your popcorn. There might be some coupley moments and bonding times.

Meanwhile, Ava has something to talk about.

Ava’s rational thought

Austin will give a hint about hiring a new nanny when Ava fills him in later. Austin might believe that they need to remove Pilar from the situation to make room for someone who will advance the mission rather than obstruct it.

After disregarding Austin’s advice, Ava might be persuaded to attempt breaking into Sonny’s home office to obtain Pikeman’s information. Austin will then speak with Laura and give her a few words of advice.

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The fact that Pilar might suspect Ava has been snooping around as she makes her way to Sonny’s penthouse, however, could raise doubts and worries. A surprising development has occurred. Will anyone pay attention to what she has to say?

Drew talks to Sam

We do not think Sam is pleased with Drew’s poor decision.

Nina’s transformation of Carly and Drew into SEC members Whether the judge will accept or reject Drew’s plea agreement, the court will provide updates. Drew was looking for six months at Spring Ridge, but he will get two years at Pentonville.

General Hospital Spoilers June 20 2023 Ava found something, and Lizz advises Portia
General Hospital Spoilers June 20 2023: Ava found something, and Lizz advises Portia

In the upcoming episodes, we can anticipate Carly getting more unfavorable information; we will find out if this is connected to Drew’s prison sentence or another form of chaos in her life. 

Liz and Portia’s bestie moments

Liz offers suggestions for Portia. Liz offers Portia some guidance. This BFF is a hot mess and needs some guidance.

Elizabeth will soon receive an invitation that intrigues her; we will see if Hamilton Finn is behind it or if somebody else sent it.

TJ leans on Alexis

TJ divulges personal information to Alexis. Almost equally as much as Molly, he is in pain. TJ Ashford will accompany Molly as she receives information on her most recent ultrasound findings.

It is unlikely that Molly will be able to produce enough healthy eggs to have a biological child of her own based on the findings of those tests. The fact that Molly most likely could not carry TJ’s child was something she was already having trouble accepting.

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With regards to having children, Molly’s options will become even more limited as a result of the news regarding her eMolly, and TJ could still use an egg donor or adopt, of course, but being unable to have a child biologically together will be a devastating blow. blow.

TJ will put Molly’s needs first and give her the space she needs to handle this however she sees fit. TJ will continue to be upbeat about their other options, and he will not discount Molly’s ability to produce enough viable eggs because it is just unlikely, not impossible.

Jordan receives a surprise visitor

Has anyone told you guys? Curtis will make the connections and figure out what is going on with Zeke and Jordan. He will realize Jordan had a sexual relationship with Zeke and tell him about their kiss. Ah! Could this surprise visit be from Zeke?

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