How old is Ava on General Hospital?

Are you a regular viewer of the famous soap opera General Hospital? Then, you might know who Ava Jerome is. But I heard people are very excited to know her age. Don’t worry! 

This article will reveal the age of your favorite Ava. Are you ready? Then, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down.

A Glimpse Of Ava Jerome!

Ava Jerome is a popular character in the daytime television drama General Hospital in America. 

Various actors have performed a range of roles in the past. So, people might be perplexed as to who is now portraying the General Hospital character Ava Jerome. 

So here it is! Maura West is the one who plays Ava Jerome on General Hospital.

The skilled West has been enthralling viewers of soap operas for many years. She made her television debut on As the World Turns in 1995 as Carly Tenney, lasted for a year, and then came back in 1997. 

Ava remained there until the soap’s cancellation in 2010.

Maura West had an appearance on The Young and the Restless in 2010 as Diane Jenkins, a character she held for a brief period of time. Let’s fast-forward to 2013 when West made her General Hospital debut as Ava Jerome.

Since then, she has been a terrible, bad girl, coming up with all kinds of obscene plans. In a lot of respects, she was the one who was entirely responsible for her most recent tragedy.

Ava was the gullible lover of suspected serial murderer Ryan Chamberlain, who was believed to have perished in a massive fire.

For precisely this reason, she torched the area today with a burning background and a gloomy set. The nasty creature has returned after being lured out of hiding by her.

Yes, the insane Ryan knocked Kevin out of backstage and is now on his route to take him sole and exclusive.

The only remaining issue is how many victims will suffer hard before the maniac is finally brought to justice. Or, for the duration of his subsequent spell of being assumed dead!

Age Is Just A Number!

General Hospital fanatics were left wondering just how old Ava was. But, it is not revealed these days. I know waiting is the most challenging process. The wait is no more!

How old is Ava on General Hospital
How old is Ava on General Hospital?

Slinky Ava has a history of lying, and revealing her age is a bit sensitive. We can disclose that her stunning alter ego Maura West is just 49 years old!

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  1. What does age have to do with anything. She very pretty woman and takes care if herself and looks good .she also plays the part well why should it matter how old she is. It nit gonna stop me from watching ghost. She looks great good for her I’m 48 almost 49 wish I looked as great as ava does

  2. They had another poll and I was one of a couple of people that said 49 everyone else thought 50. I don’t care how old she is ,she looks like she’s definitely 35 to 40. Gorgeous. Keep taking care of yourself.


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