General Hospital Spoilers next 2 weeks: Eddie Maine in Port Charles, Worried Couples, and Shocking Revelations!

According to General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from June 19 to June 30. The week of June 19-23 will be chaotic.

The highlight was Ned’s personality switch, Eddie Maine. Nina will be relieved and Sam & Dante will have a date.

Nina will not confess to Sonny 

Nina will change her mind about telling Sonny the truth which will force Nina to think quickly and find a way out of a tricky situation. Ned will not remember Nina’s SEC tipoff, which will make her happy, but that might not stay that way forever. In the meantime, Nina will have to worry about Martin potentially being forced to reveal the identity of his client.

Nina will make up a tale to justify both the admission of guilt she was attempting to make and the disappearance of her engagement ring. Ned will not be naming Nina right now because he still thinks he is “Eddie Maine,” so he won’t. Nina will therefore find a way out of this difficult situation so that she and Sonny can later celebrate their engagement at The Savoy.

Olivia is confused

Regarding Ned, Olivia will be perplexed by his condition and will become desperate to find a solution. Olivia will only want her husband back, but Ned does not seem to care about his wife or even remember that they were married. As a result of their shared history with “Eddie Maine,” Ned may still have feelings for Lois or even Alexis.

When TJ and the rest of the GH staff are unable to assist Ned, Tracy will lose her cool, but Alexis might have a solution for him soon enough.

Sasha has a shocking revelation

There will be a shock for Sasha. Sasha may find out Dr. Montague has played high-stakes poker with Gladys since that would indeed catch her off guard. Given that Sasha is going, to be honest with him, Sonny will make an offer to someone, which might be to her.

General Hospital Spoilers next 2 weeks Eddie Maine in Port Charles, Worried Couples, and Shocking Revelations!
General Hospital Spoilers next 2 weeks: Eddie Maine in Port Charles, Worried Couples, and Shocking Revelations!

Perhaps Sasha will acknowledge that she is beginning to believe Cody was correct about Gladys’ framing and ask for assistance in proving it. Regarding Cody, he will attempt to prove that Gladys set him up by forcing her into a corner. It looks like Selina will have to intervene when the fight gets out of hand, so she’ll flex her power and remind Gladys that it’s time to pay in full.

Drew and Carly

Drew will receive updates on the judge’s choice to reject his plea agreement in court. Drew expected to stay at Spring Ridge for six months, but he will be at Pentonville for two years.

Drew will push Carly not to cause a scene and feel like it is too late to change his mind about pleading guilty, even though Carly will be upset with the judge for handing down such a severe punishment to Drew.

Trina spends time with Spencer

Trina will be hoping to spend time getting to know Spencer during the week of June 26–30, but we have a feeling Ace might unintentionally ruin Trina’s plans. Next, Laura will put her foot down, so maybe she’ll try to stop the conflict happening between Spencer and Esme under the same roof. 

However, Spencer will eventually lose his cool. As it turns out, Spencer simply will not be able to control his rage. As a result, we will have to wait and see whether he criticizes Esme or undoes the progress he is made with Dex.

Ava and Austin are worried

Ava and Austin will encounter some difficulties in other places. Both Austin and Ava will end up in distress, so it may take too long to give his boss the Pikeman info.

Austin may do whatever it takes to get his boss off his back, even if it means risking Sonny’s wrath because he will do something in the aftermath for which he is not the least bit sorry.

We will have to wait and see if the terrible news Carly will receive has anything to do with Drew’s impending prison term or some other type of chaos in her life.

We will find out if Hamilton is behind the invitation or if someone else sent it, according to other General Hospital spoilers, who state that Elizabeth will receive one that intrigues her. Sam and Dante will enjoy a fun date night in the interim, helping to maintain the romance in their union.

Curtis figures out Jordan and Zeke’s relationship

Finally, Curtis will make the connections, and he might realize Jordan had a sexual relationship with Zeke and had informed him about their kiss. Curtis may confront Jordan regarding her covert spillage because that kiss will ultimately cause a lot of drama with Portia.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Zeke will remain in Jordan’s orbit for the upcoming two weeks. Check back to find out if their romance will endure despite the chaos.

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  1. Let Jordan and Zele move on with their relationship and I hope they don’t get Baby Ace to come between Spencer and Trina been waiting on them to be a couple for a long time let see what kind of trouble Eddie Maine going to
    Cause don’t want him to hurt Olivea and it’s about time for Sam and Dante to go out and have fun and I can’t wait for Gladys to get hers now she got Sasha psychiatrist probably working with her it’s so sad Sasha can’t catch a break


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