General Hospital Spoilers January 23-27: Will Kelly Thiebaud Reveal Her Future?

Hold on to your seats, General Hospital fans! The upcoming week is set to be one of the most exciting yet, as the beloved soap opera takes us on a wild ride of drama and suspense. 

With Kelly Thiebaud’s character making a highly-anticipated return, you never know where she might turn up. And in an exclusive video released by the show, we’re getting a sneak peek at what’s to come. 

But that’s not all fans can expect even more jaw-dropping moments and unexpected developments. Get ready for an unforgettable week at General Hospital, with a title that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

GH Spoilers For January 23, Monday

Nikolas turns to Laura for support as he finds himself in a difficult situation. Spencer surprises Sonny, which could lead to some tension between the two. 

Ava and Austin find common ground, raising speculation about a potential romantic relationship. Dante sets a deadline for Heather, who is known for not being punctual. 

Liz is surprised by something, despite being accustomed to unexpected events. As the premiere of Season 10 of When Calls the Heart approaches, one of its actors expresses gratitude in an amusing way.

GH Spoilers For January 24, Tuesday

Sonny questions Dex, but hopefully, it won’t lead to extreme measures. Nikolas presents his argument, which could be related to his future plans. 

Laura offers her support to Liz, but it remains to be seen if she can solve her problems. Anna and Valentin’s investigation brings them closer to finding the truth behind Lucy’s supposed murder. Josslyn makes a significant request, but it’s unclear who she’s asking. 

The show and fans support McKenzie Westmore as she announces her recent cancer diagnosis and begins her treatment journey.

GH Spoilers For January 25, Wednesday

The situation does not seem promising. Carly may struggle to explain her actions to Josslyn, and it is uncertain if Martin will take Laura’s warning seriously. Spencer and Trina may have questions for Cam, but it is uncertain if he will be willing to provide answers. 

Charlotte may express her anger towards Victor, and avoiding being in his position would be best. Olivia may offer advice to Drew, but it may be limited to accepting Carly’s actions. 

The article also highlights successful partnerships in the Law & Order show and includes a gallery featuring the real-life partners of the cast members.

GH Spoilers For January 26, Thursday

Cody may form a new connection, possibly with someone other than Britt. Nina, who is grappling with the revelation that Willow is her daughter, turns to Sasha for support, despite Sasha being the fake daughter that Valentin once gave her. 

General Hospital Spoilers January 23-27
General Hospital Spoilers January 23-27

Drew may reveal his true feelings, which could potentially harm his relationship with Carly or lead to him admitting he can’t stop thinking about her. Trina may question Spencer’s motives, and it is hoped that he is truthful with her. 

Brook Lynn and Ned may visit Willow and possibly bring her some actual food, as she may be tired of eating hospital food. Denise Crosby returns, and Elizabeth’s mother makes a significant mistake, and it is revealed that she becomes involved with someone else next.

GH Spoilers For January 27, Friday

Ava asserts her position, and it is speculated that she is interested in Nikolas’s wealth. Laura brings negative information, and it should be remembered that it’s not her fault. 

Willow faces a significant decision and may have trouble making the right choice due to conflicting emotions.

Nina may be surprised by an observation, such as Sonny comforting Carly during a difficult time. Victor may be angry, indicating that one of his plans has encountered problems.

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