Olivia Munn’s Brave Battle: Inside Her Double Mastectomy and John Mulaney’s Support

Munn shares details of her double mastectomy, how she relied on partner John Mulaney for support throughout her recuperation, and advice she wishes to provide women on how to prevent breast cancer.

Olivia Munn is not a tearjerker. Tears threaten, though, when she remembers her diagnosis of breast cancer a year ago, which finally resulted in four operations, a double mastectomy, and medically induced menopause.

She draws in a calming breath. Her first thought at the moment was of her one-year-old son Malcolm, who was partnered with John Mulaney. Munn found out in May 2023 that she had cancer.

The actress explains, “Cancer is very good at hiding.” After testing showed that the actress had luminal B, a fast-moving, aggressive malignancy, in both breasts, she was given a diagnosis of bilateral breast cancer.

Her diagnosis came only two weeks before she was set to begin work on a new science fiction movie in Germany.

Munn had a double mastectomy, a nipple delay operation (a surgical technique that preserves the nipples), and a lymph node dissection all within 30 days.

Olivia Munn's Brave Battle
Olivia Munn

Munn was even more shocked by her news because, only three months earlier, she had had a clear yearly mammography and had recently tested negative for the BRCA cancer gene.

The fact that she had recently received a negative test result for a cancer gene mutation added to her shock.

Facing Fear Together

Taking care of young Malcolm at home made the first news even terrifying, but it also made Olivia more able to handle her therapy.

In order to retain her nipples, her medical team offered her the option of a nipple delay treatment in addition to a double mastectomy.

She chose to proceed with the later surgery even though it wasn’t required. Normal cell development and activity are regulated by hormones.

She said that she chose to have smaller breasts rather than larger ones during her reconstructive surgery following her double mastectomy.

After the procedure, the physicians found a pre-invasive malignancy in her right breast that was “tangerine-sized”. Her battle with her illness was made easier by having John there.

Olivia also discussed why she chose to keep her cancer diagnosis a secret for several months following her double mastectomy.

Following the comedian’s divorce from his wife Anna Marie Tendler, Olivia and John’s affair was first made public in the middle of 2021.

In September of that year, he revealed Olivia’s pregnancy, and shortly before Thanksgiving, they welcomed Malcolm into the world.

The birth of the child marked the end of a hectic 12 months during which John’s marriage failed and he checked himself into a treatment facility for cocaine and alcohol abuse.

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