Why is Kelly Thiebaud leaving General Hospital?

In the unpredictable American TV series General Hospital, another heartbreaking moment is about to come. What is it? Any new comings or goings? If yes, who is that? 

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A Glimpse Of Britt Westbourne!

Britt Westbourne is a fictious character and primary antagonist of General Hospital, an American soap opera on the ABC network. Kelly Thiebaud played the role of Britt in the show. 

Executive producer Frank Valentini introduced her on September 19, 2012. In 2022, Kelly Thiebaud won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Britt Stops Acting In The Show GH!

According to the teasers for the forthcoming episodes of the soap opera General Hospital, Britt Westbourne is expected to stop sharing the screen of the show soon.

It seems like Kelly Thiebaud has decided to concentrate on her career in primetime and is done with soap dramas.

It shows that she will stop acting in the show, and her final scene will be her death sequence. In the following episodes, there’s a possibility that The Hook may assault her and kill her. So, it is anticipated that it would be her final episode in General Hospital.

The Ending Possibility!

There was a random expectation of how her last scene would be. Do you have any idea? 

Once the Hook attacked her, she fainted and was taken to the hospital by her friends. Her friends were praying for her life, but unfortunately, the hospital had only limited anti-venom injections. And nothing is left over when there is a need for her.

why is kelly thiebaud leaving general hospital
Why is Kelly Thiebaud leaving GH?

The doctors were unable to save her life. This is how Britt’s life ended in the General Hospital. 

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  1. I love Britt. The writers could have done so much more to keep her part a live. Bad writers apparently. I have been watching I was born in 1958 and starts watching GH in the 60’s with my grandfather. I have been watching it ever since. Alit has changed but still keeps me watching after all these years. Even when I worked I would tape it????. No other show has ever peeked my interest in 65 years♥️


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