General Hospital Recap for Friday, June 23: Eddie wants to leave, Drew’s hearing

The General Hospital Recap for Friday, June 23 is here. The whole episode will center around Drew’s sentence and hearing. Eddie finds Nina familiar, and then he does something very out of character. Let’s find out.

Carly’s outburst

The General Hospital recap for Friday, June 23, mentions that Carly lost her temper in court because Judge Kim’s sentence was much harsher than the one agreed to in the plea agreement. Judge Kim admonished Carly to calm down and made it clear that he would be making the decision.

Zeke attempted to portray Drew as a hero who erred, but Judge Kim rebuffed him, saying that no one was above the law. Judge Kim requested that Drew be sent back to Pentonville so that he could immediately start serving his three-year sentence.

Judge Kim agreed to give Drew seven days to arrange his affairs after Zeke successfully persuaded the judge to do so in exchange for Drew turning over his passport. Zeke informed Drew after the hearing that although this was a setback, the situation was not resolved.

Drew’s hearing

Drew would attend a meeting to discuss the possibility of having his sentence reduced, but it would not happen until after he was in jail.

Drew had some emotional exchanges with Carly and promised to cherish the time he had left with both of them and Scout. Carly was adamantly opposed to the idea of Drew selling Aurora, even though he wanted to do so to help pay Carly’s sizable fine.

Eddie has to be forced to stay

“Eddie Maine,” aka Ned, was eager to leave the hospital but ultimately needed to be sedated because he was so anxious. Gregory, in the meantime, admonished Tracy to “back the hell off” because she was berating Alexis.

In the General Hospital Recap for Friday, June 23, Gregory was retaliated against by Tracy, who warned him to keep away from her as she hurried off to deal with more family strife.

General Hospital Recap for Friday, June 23  Eddie wants to leave, Drew's hearing
General Hospital Recap for Friday, June 23: Eddie wants to leave, Drew’s hearing

After Alexis provided updates on Tracy framing her and getting her arrested, she acknowledged it had been a good thing because it had caused her to change her life. Although Alexis believed Gregory ought to simply disregard Tracy’s antics, he continued to be watchful of Harrison and Hamilton.

Kevin suggests therapy for Ned

The subject of Ned’s traumatic brain injury was then discussed by Kevin with Olivia, Brook Lynn, and Chase. Concerning Ned’s recovery, it was a challenging and unpredictable situation. Kevin made the observation that Ned actually WAS “Eddie” in his mind because he thought he was “Eddie Maine.”

Ned should not be denied his reality, as Kevin advised when he first suggested that he begin therapy. When Tracy joined the gang, she disagreed and thought Ned needed to have some common sense drilled into him. “Eddie” grabbed Brook Lynn’s arm and shoved her in order to get Ned out of there when she and Chase went to see him in his room.

Brook Lynn was released by “Eddie” after Chase pushed him to Although “Eddie” wanted to go to Vegas and was not interested in playing the part of the man the Quartermaines knew, Brook Lynn vowed to take Ned home soon.

Tracy and Olivia bickering

Kevin explained to Tracy and Olivia, who were still arguing, that Ned felt a sense of freedom from being “Eddie,” which he needed at the time.

Ned requested a one-way flight to Vegas, which Brook Lynn revealed, despite Kevin’s belief that Ned needed some space. Ned had left his hospital bed by the time Tracy and the others got to his room.

Martin gives flowers to Lucy

Martin interrupted Lucy and Sasha’s conversation at Metro Court Gardens to give his beloved flowers. After Lucy accepted them, Sasha tried to elicit information about the unnamed client Martin had alluded to, but Martin remained tight-lipped.

Talk then turned to how well the Deceptor wand was selling, and Lucy thanked Martin for helping her come up with the concept one night in bed. Sasha asked when Martin and Lucy were getting married, showing that she thought their relationship was straight out of a fairytale.

However, Lucy later admitted to Sasha that she wanted to get married and believed she could convince Martin of this. Martin and Lucy both said they would never get married in unison.

Sad Ned at the Court pool

Ned was dejected as he read texts about alimony from his ex-wives at the Metro Court pool before finally rolling into the water. Dex and Josslyn showed up while Sonny and Nina were out having a good time at The Savoy.

Sonny then asked Josslyn in private if she could reconcile with him as a result of this. Josslyn acknowledged that she was okay with Dex working for Sonny’s company, but he clarified that was not what he asked.

As soon as Josslyn admitted that harming Sonny also hurt the people they both cared about, she appeared ready to back down. That was the best Josslyn could manage, but Sonny believed they would eventually improve.

Nina is on Team Sonny

Back with Nina, she informed Dex that they were both “Team Sonny” supporters and expressed the hope that he might persuade Josslyn to give her a second chance.

Dex argued that Josslyn had the right to her own opinions, but Nina insisted that peace was always a good thing and was advantageous to everyone. Dex promised to consider it and then declared that he would never permit anyone to harm Sonny or Josslyn.

Is that right, or Sonny’s wife? On Friday’s episode of GH, Nina questioned According to Dex, Nina was important to Mr. Corinthos as long as he valued her.

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