General Hospital Spoilers June 12 2023: Drew is innocent and Ned has still not woken up

There will be some stunning events in Port Charles on Monday, June 12 according to General Hospital spoilers, but first, we have a little programming update to provide. The show that was scheduled for Friday will instead run on Monday since it was interrupted for a special news segment.

Let’s speak about what’s coming up now that we know the specifics of all the activities taking place in PC. Dex will agree to Carly’s plan. Someone will come to inquire about Epiphany to Elizabeth. Lizz and Hamilton bonding, Austin gets creative, and well, read on to know more.

Ned Still Isn’t awoken Up

The extent of Ned’s traumatic brain injury, which resulted in some swelling, won’t be determined until he awakens. Ned’s lack of oxygen deprivation will also show itself in other ways. After TJ admits that keeping Ned unconscious would aid in the healing process, Brook Lynn will understand there’s a possibility he won’t awaken.

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When Chase arrives, he will locate Tracy and inquire as to whether she would like to modify her charge against Drew. Chase will mention that the whole incident was captured on video by the Metro Court security system, but Tracy won’t see why she should.

Dex agrees with Carly

Even if Josslyn Jacks is opposed to Carly Spencer’s proposal, Dex Heller will accept it. Dex will get information on the new position from Carly and Michael Corinthos, which will entail carrying out his regular duties for Sonny Corinthos and then updating Michael. 

General Hospital Spoilers June 12 2023 Drew is innocent and Ned has still not woken up
General Hospital Spoilers June 12 2023: Drew is innocent and Ned has still not woken up

Dex will agree to report back to Michael and seek advice along the road since he believes having Michael on his side will be beneficial and encourage safety.

Austin is not ready to follow orders

While Austin Gatlin Holt will make it apparent that the boss he shares with Mason Gatlin is incredibly dangerous, Ava Jerome will behave as if it’s a dying wish to face up against Sonny Corinthos at the Metro Court.

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Ava and Austin risk being executed if they disobey instructions. Austin will believe she can come up with an innovative way to obtain information from Sonny even if Ava won’t know how she’s meant to acquire it.

Austin will make suggestions that Sonny may disappear off the face of the earth and will act as though it would be beneficial for Ava, but she won’t want to be involved in a scheme that results in Sonny’s passing away.

After warning Ava about the danger once more, Austin will insist that she understands that he is trying to keep her safe and that she owes him for assisting with all the Nikolas Cassadine turmoil.

Security camera proves Drew innocent

Drew will be found innocent at the police station, so he’ll be interested to learn what motivated Tracy to alter her account of what happened. Keep reading to learn how Nina will respond to the unexpected problems brought on by Ned’s tragedy, according to General Hospital spoilers.

Zeke Robinson will accompany Drew at the PCPD since he’ll deliver his statement there, while Olivia Quartermaine and Brook Lynn Quartermaine travel to the hospital with Ned.

Due to Tracy Quartermaine’s steadfast stance on her charge Drew attacked Ned, Chase will wonder why Tracy would make up the story that Drew attacked Ned, but he will brush it off as a conflict inside the family because of their differences.

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