General Hospital Spoilers for March 20: Anna and Valentin Argue Over Lucy Coe’s Disappearance

Fans of General Hospital have been eagerly anticipating the Monday episode. The upcoming installment promises to be explosive, filled with secrets, ambushes, and dangerous alliances As usual, the show will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The intense drama will unfold in unexpected ways, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what will happen next. From Maxie’s screams to Carly’s secret meeting, Monday’s episode promises to be a thrilling one.

Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine Argue Over Lucy Coe’s Disappearance

As the episode kicks off, Anna Devane realizes that Lucy Coe is missing from the safe house. This realization sets off an argument between Anna and Valentin, with the two playing the blame game.

Valentin insists that Anna screwed up and cannot own up to her mistakes. Anna decides to take action and embarks on a risky mission to locate Lucy before things get worse.

Lucy Coe Takes a Major Gamble

Lucy Coe arrives at the Metro Court in disguise. But her clever librarian getup fails to fool those who know her true identity. Lucy Coe takes a major gamble by sneaking by Victor Cassadine at the bar.

She then eavesdrops on Maxie Jones and Bobbie Spencer’s Nurses Ball discussion nearby. However, Lucy ultimately decides to corner Maxie alone, which leads to a dramatic ambush.

Spencer Cassadine Seeks Victor’s Help

Spencer Cassadine meets with Victor Cassadine to discuss Esme Prince’s imminent freedom and Ace Cassadine’s future. As Spencer becomes more ruthless every day, he may ask Victor to take Esme out of the picture permanently.

Alternatively, Spencer may push Victor to help him get custody of Ace ASAP. Either way, Spencer believes his little brother is in danger and hopes Victor can help save him.

Carly Spencer’s Secret Meeting

Carly Spencer meets with someone on the footbridge and insists that this person needs to convince her to keep their secret.

General Hospital Spoilers for March 20 Anna and Valentin Argue Over Lucy Coe's Disappearance
General Hospital Spoilers for March 20: Anna and Valentin Argue Over Lucy Coe’s Disappearance

The person in question could be Dex Heller since Carly knows he has the plan to get out of Sonny Corinthos’ organization somehow.

However, Carly’s meeting could also lead to her grilling someone else, as she has a habit of poking her nose where it does not belong.

Michael Corinthos Faces a Difficult Decision

Michael Corinthos confides in Brook Lynn Quartermaine and receives a nudge toward making amends with Sonny. With time running out, he must decide whether to repair his bond with Sonny or permanently destroy it.

The Pikeman shipment night could change everything, and fans are eagerly waiting to see how the drama unfolds.

Closing Words

Monday’s episode of General Hospital promises to be one filled with drama, secrets, and dangerous alliances.

Fans can look forward to explosive scenes, including Maxie’s ambush, Carly’s secret meeting, and Spencer’s dangerous alliance with Victor.

As always, the show will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and it will be interesting to see how the characters handle the drama that unfolds. Fans should tune in to see how everything plays out.

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