General Hospital Spoilers next two weeks: Ava’s Dilemma and Nina’s Consequences in Port Charles

We are back with two weeks of GH spoilers for the weeks of June 12–16 and June 18–24, 2023. A tantalizing offer and the voice of reason may be seen in this glimpse for the upcoming two weeks.

Spoilers for General Hospital include perilous circumstances, shocking charges, dire warnings, and much more. This exciting new episode is not something you want to miss.

Quick Recap for the week of June 2-9 2023

Port Charles had a big week this week. Carly, played by Laura Wright, attempted to persuade Michael, played by Chad Duell, to reconsider his plan to imprison Sonny, played by Maurice Benard.

Willow, played by Katelyn MacMullen, got a new lease on life, but she wasn’t ready to forgive Nina, played by Cynthia Watros. She talked to Nurse Clara, played by Susan Diol, about grace.

Later, Martin and Nina discussed the fact that she was the SEC informant, and Ned overheard the conversation. Oops. Josslyn, played by Eden McCoy, concluded that she was content with Dex, played by Evan Hofer, working for Sonny.

Coming up General Hospital’s Week Ahead

Jordan upholds a companion out of luck, and before the week’s end, she’ll get a fascinating deal. Afterward, Curtis and Trina interface.

Hope to see Ava sense an open door, and at last, she might turn out to be the amazing voice of reason. For more information about what lies ahead, keep reading below.

Austin Issues A Warning To Ava

Sonny had no idea that a second double agent is soon to surround him. Ava has been instructed to gather data for Mason’s unidentified supervisor, but she is undecided on whether or not she wants to.

General Hospital Spoilers next two weeks: Austin and Ava
General Hospital Spoilers next two weeks: Austin and Ava

Austin claims that she has no option in the issue. Mason warns her that if she doesn’t follow his instructions, they will both be killed. How will Ava escape this situation?

Dex Receives A Promotion

Dex already said that he intended to continue working for Sonny since he had no other employment options. Michael and Carly then make Dex an offer: “Work for Sonny because you have no employment options.” You may watch over him and ease his burden. It sounds more alluring than working for Sonny to bring him down.

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Josslyn can hardly believe her lover is even thinking about working as a “double agent” once more, for as long as it takes, for both Sonny and Michael. Not bad for a man who has just completed high school.

Spoiler Highlights

Although Nina, who frequently makes poor judgments that hurt everyone, didn’t intend for anything awful to happen to Ned, it did. After being stopped and learning that Ned is now working at GH, Nina and Sonny (Maurice Benard) must now figure out how to get out of this problem.

At least Tracy used her son’s injuries to get Drew off her back and out of her predicament. While Finn (Michael Easton) is unsure whether to trust Tracy’s narrative, Chase is startled when she claims that Drew pushed Ned into the pool.

How about Ned? While Brook Lynn and an anxious Olivia watch, TJ evaluates the man. Will he have good news for the two women, or does he have worse news for Ned?

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  1. I think it’s so unfair that Michael and zydeco get off free for setting Sonny up he will never know that even Joss wanted him to go to prison but everyone wants to stick it to Nina all four of them should have to deal with
    Sonny but Michael Dev Joss get off with a pat on the back Soleave Nina along for telling the truth

    • Poor Nina,, she not only got away with kidnapping Avery, she treated Willow like crap. Belittled & harassed Willow every chance she got,forced the girl out of teaching, tried to bully her into spending time with Wiley ~ constantly being superior to everyone until she realizes she needs something. Never admitting fault aboutthe choices she makes, always the poor victim whose mother stole her child. I hope she’s found out and loses everything Yes, Carly can be manipulative and conniving, but she admits to her crimes. Nina needs to pay

  2. Nina needs to pay for what she did it needs to come out.nina is forgetting what she did. She kept sonny from his family That not a good thing . Sonny will way be in Carly and his kids life. Please put Sonny and Carly back together they make the show.carly is trying to keep Sonny safe. Michael and joss they keep things together or life can be on the line and I hope ave tell Sonny what’s going on we see how much she care about sound the bad people is move in on Sonny I hope they can stop this before it get out of hand. Please bring Jason back he is much need sonny needs Michael help and dex Carly not wrong. Curtis needs to work with sonny


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