Why did Emma and Tucker break up? What Did They Say About Their Romance?

In October, Emma Chamberlain and Role Model (Tucker Pillsbury) ended their three-year romance. The pair mostly kept their relationship private, but here is everything that we know about their split.

Emma is a social media influencer, host of the podcast Anything Goes, and founder of Chamberlain Coffee, in addition to serving as a model and ambassador for Louis Vuitton and Cartier. In addition, Emma, who is twenty-two years old, is still a significant figure on social media and is worth over $12 million.

Tucker, on the other hand, is a bedroom pop musician who first released music under the names Dillis and Tucker before going by his current moniker, which includes the songs “Blind” and “Hello!”

In March 2022, Emma and Role Model made their official red carpet debut together at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. On Valentine’s Day, the couple revealed their romantic relationship in an interview with GQ magazine.

When did they start dating?

In 2020, Emma and Role Model began dating. Tucker, 26, disclosed in a February 2023 interview with GQ that he had messaged the YouTuber. The singer-songwriter acknowledged that he had developed feelings for her after watching one of her TikTok videos, but they did not meet until they began texting in March 2020.

Why did Emma and Tucker break up? 

E! News revealed that Emma and Tucker were no longer together. A person who was directly informed about the situation admitted that they had broken up, but they did not disclose the reason. Following the breakup, Emma did tell the outlet about being single in an interview in November 2023.

Why did Emma and Tucker break up
Emma and Tucker

She said she was “feeling good” as she worked through this new phase. “Everything falls into place as it should. Not everything, I suppose, but a lot of things do, particularly in this situation. It always does,” she said.

“Ultimately, when there are times when you’re alone, it’s time to invest in yourself. And that’s exciting, and I think it’s a great opportunity to check back in with you. So, that’s how I’m kind of using this time.”

They didn’t officially announce their relationship, even though they had made appearances together over the years.

“There are certain aspects of our relationship that we will always keep private, Emma continued. But I don’t think we need to be secret anymore,” Emma told the magazine. “It’s just like, I’m over that s–t.”

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