Speculations Arise: Is Drew leaving General Hospital?

Drew at General Hospital had a perplexing life and a tragic “death”. All the messy storylines have left us viewers brainstorming. Let’s find out everything about Drew and what is going to happen to him.

Who is Drew at General Hospital?

On the popular soap opera General Hospital, Drew is a well-liked character. He has been a nuanced and multifaceted character ever since the show debuted in October 2014.

Actor Billy Miller originally played Drew’s part, but he underwent significant character development before being replaced by the gifted actor Cameron Mathison.

Drew’s story

Viewers were captivated by Drew’s appearance on the program as they followed his journey filled with intriguing storylines, emotional struggles, and personal growth. His interactions with other characters have boosted the show’s dynamism and captivating appeal.

He contributes significantly to the General Hospital community. No matter how he navigates his past, forges relationships, or overcomes obstacles, Drew’s character continues to have an impact on the General Hospital storyline.

Who plays Drew on General Hospital?

Drew has had several different actors portray him on General Hospital. Billy Miller’s performance of the part in his debut left a lasting impression on the audience.

Nevertheless, in a shocking turn of events, Cameron Mathison assumed the role in August 2021, bringing his distinctive interpretation of the character.

Is Drew leaving General Hospital?

Yes, Drew, the character is leaving town for a while. Cameron Mathison’s character Drew Cain from the television series General Hospital has declared his temporary departure.

Is Drew leaving General Hospital?
Is Drew leaving General Hospital?

However, this is not due to any unfortunate events. Because of its strength, fans even call it a curse. Mathison will be in position 8, but there will be good news that will make him not appear.

Cameron Mathison is filming a Christmas movie

Mathison and Jill Wagner will be filming a holiday film for GAC Family in Ontario, Canada. (Great American Country). ProdThe actor is taking a break from General Hospital to work on the romantic drama The Christmas Farm, which has already started production. 

Popular Hallmark actors Cameron and Jill as well as a large number of others, including Jen Lily and Candace Cameron Bure, left the company to work for GAC.

The Great American Christmas celebration hosted by GAC will feature the world premiere of The Christmas Farm. In the movie, Janie works as a burgeoning marketing executive in New York.

She is shocked to learn that her great-uncle Randall left her the farm and the house she grew up in when she returns to her hometown of Woodland Falls following his passing.

In his role as Dylan, Mathison plays a farmhand who Uncle Randall hired to assist his niece in managing the farm. Starting on October 28, it is The Great American Christmas.

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Is Drew leaving General Hospital – FAQs

  1. Is Drew leaving General Hospital?

    Yes, Drew is leaving town for the time being. Cameron Mathison, who plays Drew Cain on General Hospital, has announced that he will be temporarily leaving the show.

  2. Who Plays Drew on General Hospital?

    Drew, the character in General Hospital, has been played by a variety of actors. Currently, it is played by Cameron Mathison.

  3. Who is Drew at General Hospital?

    Drew is a well-known character on the popular television show General Hospital. He has been a complex and multifaceted character since the show’s debut in October 2014.

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  1. Hopefully they will expose Nina soon, & not drag it out for months. I know she’s just acting, but her whining is about to make me quit watching.

  2. Hate to see Cameron leave but it is good he will be coming back. I hope they find a different female for him to have a relationship with. Do not care for Drew and Carly definitely not a fan. Sounds like a good movie definitely looking forward to watching it.

  3. He is not right for the roll I hope BILLY Miller comes back in his place he should stay on Hallmark better fit for him.

    • I’ve been watching Cameron since AMC. Love ❤️ him so much. As much as I love Sony with Carly, I’ve grown to love Drew and Carly. But I do not like Sony with Nina. They don’t look right together. Anyway, Cameron/Drew don’t stay away too long. Love ????

  4. Glad he’s coming back, it’s been nice seeing the relationship between Drew and Carly flourish. Steve Burton / Jason needs to return.

    Ready for Nina to be exposed, and the Sunny /Nina relationship to be over!

    While at it, Write off Esme, bring back LuLu/ Emme Rylan,

  5. I would love love love to see Jason brought back, I miss him and it would be a wrinkle in Drew and Carly’s love story. I would love to see Lulu back too where she belongs.


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