General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 19-23: Ned’s Memory loss, Mason threatens Ava

We are here with General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 19–23. Ned finally wakes up, but there is a twist! Curtis and Trina are getting closer to each other.

Ava is angry over Carly, and Ava and Austin are still keeping secrets. And are you wondering about Nina? Yeah, same. Let’s get into the full spoilers and see what this episode holds for us.

Jordan has a visitor

That may come through Zeke, as Jordan will have an intriguing opportunity. Portia might be able to steer the police commissioner away from her brother by that point, seeing as Jordan will later receive an unexpected visitor.

The truth about Curtis’s stolen kiss with Jordan may become known, leaving him scrambling to defend himself because he will eventually have to answer to Portia.

Mason will blackmail Ava

He will have a warning for Laura from Austin. Ava may attempt to persuade Laura as well, but she already seems to be convinced. Despite all the attempts to persuade Laura to cancel her trip to Russia, she might stick to her original plan and trust that she can find Nikolas.

Based on what they believe they know about Nikolas’ fate, Austin and Ava will undoubtedly continue to keep secrets. Mason will continue to pose a serious threat, so Ava will be under more pressure to carry out his dirty deeds and collect information from Sonny. As this story develops, that could undoubtedly bring bad news.

Drew and Sam have a talk

Drew will have a crucial conversation with Sam McCall, probably regarding his desire to resolve the SEC scandal. Drew must speak with Sam about this since it will impact Scout if he is sent to prison. Drew will eventually take a hit that completely blindsides him, but he will maintain his composure.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 19-23 Ned’s Memory loss, Mason threatens Ava
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 19-23: Ned’s Memory loss, Mason threatens Ava

That might indicate that Drew will not receive the lenient sentence he had in mind and will instead serve a much longer sentence than he had anticipated. We will have to wait and see if Carly’s eventual outrage has anything to do with this Drew situation.

Ned lost his memory, but Nina is safe!

As a result of her situation, Nina will have to make a quick decision. When it becomes clear that Ned does not remember, Nina might retract her admission if she starts to admit her part in reporting Drew and Carly for insider trading.

The Quartermaine family drama

Olivia will insist on getting clarification because of how the Quartermaine family will react to some drama surrounding Ned’s awakening. Ned’s memory problems may take center stage since he will also need to see a specialist.

Tracy will ultimately turn someone up to 11 so that she can yell orders at GH and demand better care for Ned. Later, Tracy and Gregory will have another argument that results in insults and icy looks.

Mini Spoilers 

According to other General Hospital spoilers, TJ Ashford will confide in Alexis Davis. As a result, he might take a break from the chaos at work to discuss how Molly Lansing-Davis is handling her infertility problems.

Sasha Gilmore will be shocked, and Cody will press Gladys for a meeting where Selina will have to act as the mediator. Gladys will continue to be in hot water due to the debt she owes; consequently, things are about to blow up in her face.

We will see if Lucy Coe’s opening up to Maxie Jones has anything to do with Deception, Lucy’s personal life, or something else when she does. General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 19–23 reveal that Curtis and Trina will get a chance to build on their bond. Trina and Curtis will get closer, so Portia should be pleased to see them getting along so well.

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