Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 3-7: Harris crashes the engagement party, Megan escapes again

Drama at a family gathering—well, that is nothing new, is it? Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of July 3–7 are here, and we brought major highlights for the plot that will extend even beyond this weak.

Gabi and Stefan’s engagement drama has all the tea, but do not miss other topics too!

Megan escapes yet again, who is to blame?

Days spoilers reveal that EJ and Kate will plan on finding Megan, but they will be taken aback when they find Gabi instead. It appears that Megan is being held captive to pull off an escape artist act and flee the scene.

However, Kate may be done messing around at that point and could easily vow to take Megan out permanently herself if she has to. Although neither of them will have the opportunity, EJ might also be willing to perform the last rites.

Nicole will rely on Eric and think EJ has abandoned her when she has a pregnancy scare, but she will later discover the truth, and she will be horrified to discover Megan tied EJ up in the basement and made sure he could not be there when she needed him.

Whitley will also express her sympathy to Paulina, but could she also say or do something suspicious that might raise questions? In the meantime, Lani will unexpectedly return to Salem, which will be just what Paulina needs to get over Abe’s tragic fate.

Chanel will find it difficult to cheer Paulina up, but Lani’s visit will be an instant mood booster.

The engagement party

Harris will lose control as he interrupts Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party. Rafe will notice Li skulking around the party as well, which will give him the impression that Li is up to no good. Once Harris is presumably stopped in his tracks, DOOL fans can anticipate Li being interrogated.

Days spoilers indicate that Stefan and Gabi will eventually press Li for information, ensuring Stefan’s survival and his ability to uncover the truth about Li’s involvement in Harris’ reprogramming.

Li might admit that Megan DiMera convinced him to join her scheme and gave him false hope that he would be reunited with Gabi after she became widowed.

Li might be detained as a result of his involvement in Megan’s crazy scheme, but what about Megan herself? Other events will put Megan in a difficult situation, such as when Leo finds EJ and Kristen being held captive in the hidden room. EJ and Kate Roberts will later work together toward a common objective.

Will Jerry tell Theo that Abe is alive or will he fight the urge to confess?

John and Steve simply will not accept Jerry’s eyewitness account or the evidence that was discovered on the pier. While Steve and John continue their investigation, Jerry stunningly encounters Theo and must deal with a lot of guilt.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 3-7
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week July 3-7

Will Jerry tell Theo that Abe is alive or will he fight the urge to confess? In either case, Abe will experience an amazing moment in which he sees Theo; therefore, we will watch to see if that results in a reunion with his real son.

Once she is back with Chanel, she will speak with Talia once more and gradually discourage the notion of reconciliation. At least for the time being, Chanel will not believe that things can return to how they were, but she will still have a pleasant conversation with Talia.

Mini Spoilers

Last but not least, Lani and Eli will celebrate their wedding anniversary, so it will be wonderful to have “Elani” present in Salem on that memorable day.

Leo will let Gwen know about his ongoing worries about Dimitri, but Gwen will ultimately decide on whether or not to accept his marriage proposal.

Other Days spoilers indicate that Belle will become increasingly concerned as Shawn’s drinking worsens and might even start to think that an intervention is necessary.

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, several Salemites will experience highs and lows during the week of July 3–7, so keep checking back for updates on all the crazy news and its explosive fallout.

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