Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 6 2023: Tripp’s Heartfelt Confession and EJ’s Sneaky Moves

Attention all Days of Our Lives fanatics! Be ready with your crunchies for a gripping episode on Thursday, April 6.

The “Days” has delivered a lot of exciting and thrilling storylines lately, and this upcoming episode is no exception.

From Tripp’s confession to Paulina and Sloan’s feud, and EJ’s revelation, there is plenty of drama in store for viewers.

Tripp Johnson Confesses His Feelings

The episode kicks off with Tripp Johnson confessing his feelings for Wendy Shin. After realizing there’s a spark between them, Wendy reciprocates his feelings with a kiss.

However, with Wendy still attached to Johnny DiMera, things might not be straightforward for Tripp. This could lead to an interesting love triangle that fans will be eager to see play out.

Paulina and Sloan’s Feud Intensifies

Paulina Price has been feeling the pressure lately, thanks to Sloan Petersen. After confessing to Abe about her recent panic attack, things don’t seem to get any easier for her.

In the upcoming episode, Paulina will have another heated confrontation with Sloan, leading to serious health issues. Fans will be on the edge of their seats, wondering how this feud will end.

Eric’s Suspicions About Sloan

Eric Brady will have a tough time in the upcoming episode after seeing the scissors and stack of magazines on Sloan’s desk.

Also, he becomes increasingly suspicious that she might be behind the threatening note Paulina received.

Eric will open up to Abe about his concerns, and fans will be eagerly watching to see how this situation unfolds.

EJ DiMera Hits the Jackpot

EJ DiMera is known for his cunning ways, and in this episode, he hits the jackpot. Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that EJ will score proof that Gabi Hernandez is cheating and does not deserve Li Shin’s shares.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 6 2023: Tripp's Heartfelt Confession and EJ's Sneaky Moves
Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 6 2023: Tripp’s Heartfelt Confession and EJ’s Sneaky Moves

It appears that EJ will have security footage proof from the DiMera secret room, where Gabi and Stefan DiMera are about to make love for the first time since he returned from the dead.

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This revelation will undoubtedly cause some serious chaos. Also, fans will be waiting to see how Gabi and Stefan will react.

EJ and Stefan’s War Continues

The rivalry between EJ and Stefan is far from over, and fans can expect more drama in the upcoming episode.

With EJ now having the upper hand, he will make more sneaky moves against Stefan. The pressure between the brothers is at an all-time peak, and fans will be on the edge of their seats to see how this rivalry unfolds.

Closing Words

Thus, Thursday’s episode of Days of Our Lives promises to be a must-watch for fans.

With Tripp’s confession, Paulina and Sloan’s feud, Eric’s suspicions, EJ’s revelation, and the ongoing war between EJ and Stefan, there is plenty of drama and excitement in store.

So, tune in to catch all the action and see how these storylines play out.

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