Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 29: Abe tragedy, Leo lashes out

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Thursday, June 29 indicate that the episode might be a little depressing. The fact that Colin was not Abe’s killer is the only thing to be said in Colin’s favor. 

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Colin is supposedly innocent

Sloan will point out that this is only a marginal success because the most recent “proof” unequivocally disproves Colin’s involvement in Abe’s death. The serious charges Colin has already been charged with do not require Colin to add anything else.

Days reveal suggests Sloan will share information with her brother during this visit. Sloan might provide Colin with updates on her efforts to conceive, but could she go one step further and explain why she is so determined to have Eric as a child? Sloan wants to give Eric the chance to become a father and regrets doctoring the DNA test.

How much information Sloan is willing to share with Colin will be interesting to watch. Colin is extending a visitor’s welcome at the Salem Police Department when Leo yells at Dimitri. Sloan will meet with Colin to discuss his case after learning about the most recent development.

Tripp and Wendy are concerned about Chanel after Abe’s tragedy

Following the tragedy with Abe, Tripp, and Wendy will still be worried about Chanel’s health. Tripp will appreciate the opportunity to extend his date with Wendy, but Wendy and Tripp will also be grateful that Johnny was there for Chanel.

But to have some alone time with Wendy, Johnny will arrive later, delaying their night with Tripp. The interruption will not make Tripp happy, but he will feel like he has made some progress and will be hoping to win Wendy over completely soon.

Dimitri insists Gwen accept the proposal

Gwen across town will receive a second marriage proposal from Dimitri von, who will grovel for her to accept it to win her over as well. As long as Dimitri continues to be so adamant about getting married to Gwen right away, Leo’s suspicions will only increase.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 29 Abe tragedy, Leo lashes out
Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 29: Abe tragedy, Leo lashes out

Days spoilers reveal that Gwen will keep considering getting married to Dimitri and living happily ever after, while Leo will keep accusing him and attempting to silence him.

Of course, Gwen has no idea that Dimitri might inherit money if he gets married before turning 40. Leo is right when he says that Gwen will be used as long as the union seems sincere and any old bride will do! 

Mini spoiler highlights

Nicole will learn the tragic news about Abe at the DiMera mansion, and Eric will do everything in his power to comfort her. Because Nicole will admit that EJ left her for work, Eric will step up when Nicole needs a trustworthy friend. Eric will assist Nicole in the absence of EJ because Nicole might have a pregnancy scare in the next episode or two.

Unfortunately, Days spoilers reveal that EJ will remain incarcerated in the secret room for the time being, leading to Nicole and Eric’s closer relationship. Together, Chloe and Xander will make great strides toward their goal of getting closer.

Xander and Chloe will likely discuss their ex-boyfriends before deciding it is time to put them in the rearview mirror, so DOOL viewers should expect this.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Xander and Chloe will spend a romantic evening together, but they might find it difficult to truly bid Brady and Sarah farewell.

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