Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Harris does unexpected, Abe saw Theo, Nicole, and Eric are getting closer

Have you heard the saying, “Be sure to dig two graves before you seek revenge on someone?” Megan most definitely did not, as she is currently making up for her wrongdoings.

Do you want to know what happened? A lot will happen on the engagement day, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from July 3 to July 14.

Whitely drugs Abe, we gotta agree she is sharp.

Abe will be given drugs by our dear Whitley, which may cause him to experience hallucinations, but it may also cause his memory to be stimulated.

While everyone prepares for Abe’s memorial service, Paulina’s family will come together to support her. However, since Abe is still alive, the amazing news is in the works.

Steve will experience a startling nightmare about Abe, which could make him feel a connection to his friend and give him the impression that the mayor is still alive. When Whitley is cornered by the suspicious Steve, he will question her regarding why she chose to leave the hospital so quickly.

Goodbye Megan – Gwen accepts Dimitri’s proposal

Harris will be hypnotized by Marlena as she attempts to undo Dr. Rolf’s brainwashing, but he will be afraid that he still poses a threat and will ask to be admitted to a mental hospital because he believes he still poses a threat.

Megan will end up in the hospital as a result of Harris’s unintentional shooting at her. Injured Megan will be furious about the failure of her plan to get rid of Stefan during the week of July 3–7. Megan will reportedly be recovering following the chaos at Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party.

Fans of DOOL will have to bid this villain farewell for the time being because Days spoilers indicate that Megan’s final airdate is scheduled for July 6.

Days of our Lives spoilers next 2 weeks indicate that Megan will remind Dimitri of the value of courting Gwen and that she will request an update on the status of the marriage proposal. Leo will not be pleased when Gwen ultimately decides to accept Dimitri’s proposal of marriage, you can be sure of that.

Gabi and Stefan investigate thoroughly

Li will be questioned by the Salem Police Department. Harris will contend that he followed Li’s instructions to kill him, and Gabi and Stefan will demand an explanation.

Li will object because he feels he was duped by Megan, but he was aware of the scheme and wanted another chance to win Gabi’s heart.

EJ- Nicole- Eric, and the tunnel

Nicole will receive a surprise after sharing a kiss with Eric thanks to EJ and Kristen’s escape from the DiMera mansion’s tunnels with Leo’s assistance.

Kristen and EJ will seek Marlena’s hypnosis assistance because they will need some help getting their memories back after Dr. Wilhelm’s serum.

Lani is free

According to Other Days spoilers, Lani will be briefly let out of custody so that she can attend Abe’s memorial service. That will give Lani the chance to console Paulina and help Eli and Paulina celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

While discussing the case with Eli, Lani will still rely on her old instincts even though she can no longer function as a real detective.

Abe saw Theo. Well, Jerry, but what next?

There will be immediate skepticism regarding Jerry and his false eyewitness account from the pier. Abe will not understand why his son is in a soap opera because he will see “Theo,” aka Jerry, on Body and Soul.

Whitley’s plan is about to become even more difficult because Jerry is a paid actor and had a part in her favorite show. Due to his awareness of how badly the real Theo is hurting, Jerry might also crumble under pressure.

Jerry will appear to be about to tell Theo something, and Lani will pressure him to reveal what he knows. When Gabi is found instead of Megan, EJ and Kate Roberts will be in shock. There might be instances where Kate and EJ attempt to end Megan’s terrorizing spree only to discover Gabi has somehow enabled her escape.

Mini Spoilers

A sudden interruption will prevent Xander and Chloe from getting into bed during the week of July 10–14. In the meantime, Chad and Stephanie Johnson will formally move into their new house.

The Kiriakis mansion will be Alex’s new home after he decides he could use a new beginning somewhere else.

When Brady returns, he learns that Rachel Black (Finley Rose Slater) has vanished, but Kristen later tells Lani that she knows where her daughter is.

Fans of DOOL should expect Kristen to push for some changes to Marlena’s custody arrangements during their next conversation because Marlena will also be dealing with another hypnosis job.

Shawn will get into serious trouble at the Salem PD after DA Melinda discovers him drinking at work, which will further his downward trajectory.

Across town, Wendy will soon make her choice between Tripp and Johnny and announce it.

Keep checking back for more information on the Salem drama as Days of Our Lives spoilers predict that the upcoming two weeks will be filled with excitement.

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