Days of Our Lives Spoilers next 2 weeks: Explosive Twists with Talia, Chanel, Abe, Gwen, Leo, Julie, and More

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks of June 19–23 are here! In the next two weeks, there is a marriage proposal on the way.

While some love stories will bloom and some major action-packed enemy drama

Talia and Chanel’s agreement

There will be an agreement between Talia and Chanel. If Talia is observed quietly carrying out a kind deed during the week of June 19–23, Chanel will congratulate her and give Talia a chance to speak up. Talia will assist in the hunt for Abe by distributing flyers throughout the neighborhood.

She will also discuss Colin’s abuse with Chanel. Although Talia will take responsibility for her actions, Chanel will get a better idea of the tight grip Colin had on her.

Abe is suspicious

Nurse Whitley will converse with Abe and fabricate a story about their fictitious wedding while also showing him a photoshop of her face on Paulina’s body.

Despite her efforts to provide proof of their relationship, Abe will notice that his current wife looks different and grow quite suspicious because he will have memories of the real Paulina from Juneteenth.

Since Abe will not be able to attend, Paulina and Abe’s anniversary will be celebrated, albeit somberly. Also, Days spoilers indicate that Eli will find the time to handle another case once he understands Rafe and Jada are very close. Try to find clues regarding Abe’s whereabouts.

Dimitri proposes Gwen

Dimitri von Leuschner will then confess his love to Gwen after having a sexual encounter with her and make an immediate marriage proposal! Throughout this romance, Dimitri will appear to be fixed in his belief that Gwen is the only woman for him, even though he will be traveling at the speed of light.

Leo Stark will undoubtedly be suspicious of Dimitri’s alleged feelings for Gwen and think that this bears a striking resemblance to his dubious mother. 

Leo accuses Megan 

Dool fans will see a major showdown as Leo slings accusations at Megan and demand answers about her agenda. They will spend some time with Steve and Kayla, introspecting about their blessings. After sharing a romantic dinner in private, Kayla and Steve will be appreciative of their time together.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers next 2 weeks Explosive Twists with Talia, Chanel, Abe, Gwen, Leo, Julie, and More
Days of Our Lives Spoilers next 2 weeks: Explosive Twists with Talia, Chanel, Abe, Gwen, Leo, Julie, and More

Naturally, if Stephanie moves out, Steve and Kayla will have more time to themselves. It makes sense that Stephanie and Chad would move in together because Stephanie seems to be about to take a big step in their relationship. Chad might extend an invitation to Stephanie to move in with him at the Horton home or perhaps at their new residence.

Julie and Gabi will start fighting

Because Julie and Gabi will once again become ferocious rivals, a wild war is about to break out. When he secures a new contract for Brady, Alex will demonstrate his value as a member of the Basic Black team.

When the deal is done, Maggie will confront Alex and Brady because she will not be pleased with the outcome. In another location, Xander will update Chloe on Bonnie’s peculiar behavior during his most recent visit to the Kiriakis mansion.

Bonnie will face backlash

Xander Cook will likely notice that Justin is acting oddly as well. It appears that Justin will ignore him, but he only has his interests in mind—not telling him Sarah’s secret.

Bonnie will face backlash from Sarah when she learns that she told Justin the truth. Bonnie will stick by her decision, though, because she had to be honest with her husband and also because she would have exploded if she had not told anyone! Nevertheless, Bonnie might demand an end to the covert leak right away and assure Justin that he knows how to keep quiet.

Mini spoilers

Belle is hoping that the fact that Talia, unlike Colin, has accepted responsibility for her actions and has grown from her mistakes will persuade Trask to be lenient with her. Even Chanel will concede that Talia most likely merits a break.

Finally, Harris will back Megan into a corner. Will Harris get a chance to kidnap Megan this time around, or will someone get in the way again? According to Days of Our Lives rumors, Kate will hope Harris can kidnap Megan and put an end to the nightmare, but there should be more challenges to overcome.

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