Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week June 19-23: Abe’s Memory, Chanel’s Discovery, and Chad & Stephanie’s Relationship

Days of Our Lives spoilers Alert!  A lot of new developments are around the corner for our favorite characters in the week of June 19–23. The next phase of Chad and Stephanie’s relationship will begin soon!

It is Abe and Theo’s anniversary, according to DOOL spoilers for the week of June 19–23, Abe is still missing. Abe will recall something. In the meantime, Chanel and Julie offer Paulina some assistance. Let’s hop in to know everything in detail.

Abe will remember something

Abe will recall a memorable event, and he will also remember that Juneteenth is his wedding anniversary. Despite knowing this, Nurse Whitley will continue to portray “Paulina,” Abe’s devoted wife. The actual Paulina Price will undoubtedly continue to worry uncontrollably about Abe and will seek solace from some well-known faces.

Paulina will still have Chanel and Julie by her side, but she will also have some additional resources. There will be a lot of love surrounding Paulina as she tries to cope because Eli, Theo, and Olivia will all be returning to Salem.

Theo will decide to deliver a speech in place of his father because Abe will still be missing on his anniversary. As he assists Theo in preparing for this difficult task, Chad will re-establish his relationship with Theo.

Chanel finds out what Talia did

When Chanel discovers Talia secretly doing a kind deed, it will significantly alter her opinion of her. Later, Chanel will tell Paulina all about the mistreatment Talia experienced. Hearing what Colin put Talia through could influence Paulina’s perspective as well, as she is a victim of abuse as well.

As for Belle, she will keep representing Talia and will use every means at her disposal to persuade DA Melinda to be lenient with her client. Talia’s willingness to testify against Colin should be of the utmost importance.

Eli helps Abe

Abe might insist on seeing his son because Whitley will eventually admit that he has come back to Salem. The mention of Theo might jog more memories for Abe, or at the very least make him determined to have a reunion, even though it is likely that he will not initially remember Theo.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week June 19-23
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Week June 19-23

Whitley might come up with an explanation for why Theo cannot attend, but by that time she will have tried Abe’s patience to the limit. Days spoilers indicate that Eli will offer his assistance in the hunt for Abe, suggesting that he could be very important in finding his father-in-law.

After that, Julie and Gabi will square off as their previous rivalry resurfaces. There will be some tense moments as Gabi and Julie hurl vile insults at one another.

Leo confronts Megan

Megan will be confronted by Leo, who will reprimand her for using Gwen Rizczech in another part of town. Leo will learn more about Gwen’s role as a pawn in Megan and Dimitri von’s game, so he might ask about their strategy in detail.

Dimitri and Gwen: Marriage proposal on the way?

Fans of DOOL are aware that Dimitri must get married before turning 40 to receive his sizable inheritance. Megan believes it would be risky to let Gwen know about their need for marriage right away because the union also needs to appear sincere.

Dimitri will therefore need to act as though Gwen has already won his heart right away. Gwen will undoubtedly be surprised because Days spoilers indicate that Dimitri will already be making a declaration of love in the upcoming week.

Sarah finds out Bonnie spilled her secret

When Sarah finds out Bonnie spilled her secret baby news to Justin, she’ll flip out and hope Justin’s lips are sealed. According to Days spoilers, Xander will attempt to spend time with Justin shortly after, but Justin might be reserved and choose not to participate.

Probably to keep any information about Sarah having Xander’s child a secret We will see if Chloe notices anything strange when she hears Xander and Chloe discussing Bonnie’s recent strange behavior, or if she just assumes Bonnie was acting weirdly as usual.

They will celebrate a little once Alex has assisted Brady in securing a lucrative new deal. Maggie will be furious, so Alex may take her client away by making a better offer.

Are Chad and Stephanie moving in together?

They will make great strides forward together with Chad and Stephanie. Stephanie might consent to move in with Chad because this will affect their relationship.

The last thing is that it sounds like Maggie will want Chad to take over Alex’s old position at Titan because she will have a new opportunity for him.

Even though Chad enjoys working with Stephanie at SJPR, he might be persuaded to try something else if Maggie makes a compelling pitch.

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