Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 30 2023: Rachel Confronts Kristen in Prison & Leo’s Plan for Gwen to Make Xander Jealous

The popular daytime soap opera, “Days of Our Lives,” is heating up with exciting storylines and dramatic twists. Fans are on the edge of their seats as the characters face new challenges and obstacles.

In the latest episode, which airs on Thursday, March 30th, viewers will be treated to several shocking developments. Here’s a preview of what to expect in this thrilling episode.

Leo’s Scheme to Make Xander Jealous

In this episode, Leo Stark will be offering Gwen Rizczech some advice on how to incite jealousy in Xander Cook.

Leo will suggest that Gwen leverage the irritation Xander feels about her liaisons with Alex Kiriakis to her benefit.

Also, he will guide how to capitalize on Xander’s envy and potentially rekindle their relationship. Despite Xander’s feelings for her, Gwen may insist that it’s too late and maintain her position that she’s moved on.

Chloe Prepares for the Worst

Chloe Lane will prepare for the worst when she gets updates on Brady Black reading Leo’s new gossip column.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 30 2023
Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 30 2023

Also, she is much worried about Brady’s anger, but Xander may have saved the day by modifying Leo’s column to reduce the harm of Chloe’s words towards Rachel. He may have even deleted that section as a favor to Chloe.

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Despite this, spoilers suggest that Chloe and Xander may grow closer as a result, and Chloe may be grateful for his assistance.

Rachel Arrives at Statesville

In a surprising twist, Kristen DiMera will get a shock when Rachel arrives at Statesville. Brady’s absence during the visit leaves it unclear how the Days writers will address the situation.

However, Rachel, who takes after her mother in her deceitfulness, will capitalize on the chance to confront Kristen face to face.

This confrontation might be a result of the letter that Brady coerced Kristen into writing in favor of his relationship with Chloe.

As Rachel grills, Kristen, Wendy Shin, and Tripp Johnson will experience a spark of attraction in a separate storyline.

Sparks Fly Between Wendy and Tripp

Wendy Shin and Tripp Johnson will come together for a close moment, and they’ll find it harder and harder to resist the magnetic pull that’s happening between them.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Wendy and Tripp’s connection will lead to bad news for Johnny DiMera, so don’t miss the messy love triangle drama ahead.

Bad News for Johnny DiMera

Finally, fans can expect some drama ahead for Johnny DiMera. As Wendy and Tripp grow closer, their connection will lead to bad news for Johnny.

To discover what comes next, viewers need to tune in.

Closing Words

Days of Our Lives fans have a lot to look forward to in this upcoming episode.

From Leo’s scheme to make Xander jealous to Rachel’s surprise visit to Statesville, there will be plenty of twists and turns to keep viewers entertained.

Don’t miss out on the latest drama in Salem.

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