Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 12: Dimtri and Gwen’s conversation and Bonnie’s slip-up

A look at some of the events that will occur on the Days of Our Lives episode of June 12, 2023. Prepare yourself for all the gossip, gawking, awws, and ohs as Salem is filled with hot shockers today.

Gwen Rizczech will question Dimitri von Leuschner for a piece for The Spectator, according to the DOOL spoilers. Sarah’s pregnancy will be revealed by Bonnie Kiriakis to Justin Kiriakis. Alex and Stephanie spoke to one other.  No matter what happens with his career, Xander will make it known that he likes Chloe and won’t stop.

Dimitri gets a chance to charm Gwen

DOOL Spoilers reveal that Gwen Rizczech will have a discussion with Dimitri von Leuschner (Peter Porte) for an article she is writing for The Spectator. It will present Dimitri with an opportunity to captivate Gwen with his responses and hold her attention.

Even though Dimitri wasn’t excited about this interview or lunch with Gwen, he ended up being captivated by her. Days teasers state that Megan DiMera provided updates on Gwen’s past in her file, which might further pique Dimitri’s attention.

Although getting married before he hits 40 will be the first objective, Dimitri may soon actually regard Gwen as a potential love interest.

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Since Gwen is friends with and lives with Leo Stark, Dimitri would undoubtedly disapprove of the company she maintains. However, Gwen is likely to stand up for their friendship and might even win Dimitri over with her commitment.

Xander likes Chloe no matter what

According to Other Day’s teasers, Maggie Kiriakis will use a job opportunity to sabotage the close moment between Xander Cook and Chloe Lane. Maggie will want Xander to fill Alex Kiriakis’ former role.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 12 Dimtri and Gwen’s conversation and Bonnie’s slip-up
Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 12: Dimtri and Gwen’s conversation and Bonnie’s slip-up

When this chance presented itself in the past, Xander would have seized it, but now he will just tell Maggie that he would give it some thought. Since he took Chloe on board at The Spectator and won’t want to abandon her, Xander will now be hesitant about a Titan return.

Xander will make it known that he likes Chloe and wants to continue getting to know her, regardless of what occurs in his professional life. Xander will seek to create a future with Chloe since she symbolizes a path ahead that he didn’t think was feasible.

Bonnie’s slip up

On Monday’s DOOL episode, Sarah’s pregnancy with Xander’s child will be revealed by Bonnie Kiriakis (Judi Evans) to Justin Kiriakis. Keeping the pregnancy news under wraps will be made more challenging when Bonnie later speaks with Xander.

Since a year has passed since Abigail DiMera’s murder, Chad will pay a visit to her grave in the cemetery. On this somber anniversary, Chad will run across Julie Williams, who can see that he’s having trouble moving on.

Julie persuades Chad to move on

According to Day’s teasers, Julie will nudge Chad to remember that Stephanie Johnson would want him to be happy and find love again, so he’ll finally take off his wedding band and completely prepare for a new chapter with Stephanie Johnson.

Stephanie will converse with Alex in the meanwhile about Chad’s period of sorrow and how it has affected their relationship. Alex is willing to listen and share his opinion, but he secretly longs for Stephanie to return.

Will Alex ultimately fulfill his wish? According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Stephanie and Alex will stay friends for the time being, but a future romance might blossom again.

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