The Bold and The Beautiful One of The Oldest Couples: Brooke and Ridge

We are all aware of the Bridge Reunion. The “Bridge” occasionally breaks, but it always seems to mend itself, as it has been doing since 1987 when college student Brooke Logan first set eyes on fashion house heir and playboy Ridge Forrester.

Katherine Kelly Lang, the only Brooke over the years, was honored with her special episode as the soap opera celebrated its anniversary, according to TV Insider.

But over the years, Brooke has known not one, but two Ridges. For the first 25 years of Ridge’s existence in Brooke’s life, from 1987 to 2012, Ronn Moss played the role; after Moss left the soap opera, Thorsten Kaye took over.

However, how did Brooke and Ridge’s relationship get started, and why did things keep going wrong? Here is a timeline of all of their interactions together.

Ridge and Brooke first meet

They met at a party, but at that time Ridge had a crush on someone else. While attending college to study chemistry during the day and working as a server for a catering company at night to make ends meet, Brooke Logan, a young woman from The Valley, was trying to make it in life. Her life was forever altered when she started working for Ridge Forrester and Eric Forrester (John McCook).

Ridge and Brooke were attracted to each other right away, but he was already engaged to Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson), who was charming. Brooke was unaffected by this. Brooke was there to pick up the pieces after Caroline discovered Ridge had broken things off by having an affair with a model.

When Caroline took Ridgeback, Brooke was devastated. She had gotten Ridge into bed, gotten pregnant, lost the baby, and miscarried. That, however, was not sustained for very long. Tragically, Caroline passed away from cancer and left Brooke the promise to take care of Ridge in her absence. Although Brooke was completely in favor of that at the time (source:, she was already dating someone else.

Eric, aka Ridge’s dad, and Brooke get married

When Ridge rejected Brooke and married Caroline, Brooke believed their relationship was over forever. Seeking solace from Ridge’s father, Eric Forrester, who was fascinated by the ambitious young woman, Brooke continued to pursue Caroline. He dumped Stephanie Forrester, his longtime spouse, for her, igniting a titanic soap opera rivalry that lasted decades.

Brooke gave birth to Rick, the son of Eric Sr., and Brooke, who had been married to Eric before. However, the union failed, and Brooke yearned to be with Ridge once more. But after his one-night stand with Brooke, he had already fallen in love with Taylor Hayes, a psychiatrist (Hunter Tylo), and was planning to wed her.

On the day of Ridge and Taylor’s wedding, Brooke interrupted the ceremony to reveal that she was expecting Ridge’s child. The possibility that the child might be Eric’s was left out of her statement. But after Taylor and Ridge were married, Brooke gave birth to a child she named Bridget, who was believed to be Ridge’s offspring. According to Soaps In Depth, Eric discovered he was the girl’s father years later.

Finally getting married after Taylor was believed to have died in a plane crash, Brooke and Ridge’s union was brief due to the discovery that Taylor was still alive. Following that, Ridge began a long-lasting back-and-forth with Taylor and Brooke.

When Taylor and Ridge reunite, Brooke tries to put it behind her

After learning that Taylor was still alive and well, Ridge eventually decided to reunite with her. Together, they started a family, with Taylor first giving Ridge a son named Thomas and then two young daughters named Phoebe and Steffy.

For years, Taylor and Ridge appeared to be content, and Brooke had relationships with several men while also marrying and divorcing a few of them.

Brooke and Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke and Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful

After that, Brooke and Taylor were both shot in a shocking incident by the insane Sheila Carter. While Taylor appeared to have perished, Brooke appeared to have lived and recovered, and Taylor was once again thought to have passed away.

Nick Marone, Ridge, and Brooke were now vying for Brooke’s attention. Nick revealed himself to be Ridge’s half-brother since it appeared he was not Eric’s biological child after all. Even though Eric is still his father, Massimo Marone was his biological father.

After Brooke vacillated between the brothers for some time, Ridge ultimately prevailed, and the couple got married once more. Even so, it took some time before they could confirm that Ridge, and not Nick, was the father of their son RJ.

Ridge waffles as Taylor resurrects from the dead

Ridge was unsure of what to do when it was discovered that Taylor was still alive, so he paid attention to his mother. Ridge briefly dumped Brooke when Stephanie pretended to have a heart attack and told her son that her dying wish was for him to be with Taylor.

He returned to Brooke after realizing the heart attack had been a hoax, but naturally, it did not last long. As he had done for years, Ridge spent some time switching back and forth between Brooke and Taylor. However, he eventually grew tired of Brooke’s abundance of secrets and left Los Angeles in 2012, supposedly for good.

When Ridge made a comeback in 2013, Thorsten Kaye was portraying him, and he had a new appearance. Ridge desperately wanted Brooke to come back, but since she had moved on, Ridge also did, this time with Katie Logan, Brooke’s sister (Heather Tom).

When that did not work out, Ridge moved on to a relationship with the young and gorgeous Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey), who was the niece of the original Caroline Ridge he had married decades earlier. Then, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) became the object of rivalry between Brooke and Katie, but it ultimately appeared that Ridge would prevail.

Some things remain the same when Brooke and Ridge remarry

In 2018, it appeared that Brooke and Ridge could get married again, and this time, it appeared that their union would be permanent. According to Soap Hub, they exchanged vows in the living room of the Forrester home while Stephanie’s portrait watched over them. Ridge’s mother had made restitution to Brooke before passing away from cancer in 2012.

Brooke and Ridge were excited to give it another shot after receiving what seemed to be a blessing from above, but there were issues. The first was in the form of their offspring. As a result of Brooke’s affair with Deacon Sharpe, Ridge’s son Thomas developed an obsession with Brooke’s daughter Hope.

Things did not seem promising with Ridge standing up for Thomas and Brooke standing up for Hope. However, after deciding to exclude their grown children from their marriage, they decided to get married again in 2020.

However, Brooke made a mistake (as she frequently does) the previous evening and kissed Bill Spencer. Ridge was enraged when Eric’s new spouse, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), made Brooke’s transgression public.

Ridge and Brooke attempt it once more

Early in 2020, after learning that Brooke had kissed Bill, Ridge took a trip to Vegas with Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) and returned with the impression that he had married Shauna and obtained a speedy divorce from Brooke. All of that proved to be untrue, and Brooke and Ridge were still recognized as husband and wife.

Ridge and Brooke finally renewed their vows after Ridge realized he had been duped, and things appeared to be going well until Deacon, Brooke’s ex, visited the area in 2021. Deacon claimed that Ridge wanted him gone because he still had feelings for Brooke. Nevertheless, Brooke supported Hope because she wished to know her father better.

Once Taylor (now played by Krista Allen) returned to town to tell Ridge that she never stopped loving him, Brooke and Ridge started fighting once more as a result. Sheila Carter returned as well and decided that she preferred Taylor to Brooke. As a result, she made sure that Brooke, an alcoholic, drank real champagne on New Year’s Eve, which prompted Brooke to kiss Deacon while Ridge was away.

When Ridge found out what had happened, he broke up with Brooke and almost had a sexual encounter with Taylor before she intervened. The “Bridge” saga is currently at that point, with Brooke and Ridge yearning for one another while unsure if their relationship is truly over.

Bridge Reunion 2023

Brooke broke their agreement to be best friends when Ridge unexpectedly returned, so she set out on a mission to convince him. On a very romantic trip to Italy, Brooke kept attempting to remind them of their destiny.

She will hope that it will be simpler to persuade him that Ridge and Brooke’s fate has already been decided because they were in magnificent Rome. Ridge and Brooke took in the sights and sounds around them so that Brooke could touch Ridge’s heartstrings against the majesty of the Italian landscape. 

There were plenty of flirtatious glances and close embraces between Brooke and Ridge because of how much he let her get close to him. When Brooke’s on a mission to win Ridge back like this, she knows how to reel him in.

Ridge’s uncertainty will vanish later in the week of June 19–23, even though it still exists because of all the pain in his past. Also Taylor’s confession.

The oldest couple from “The Bold and the Beautiful” received good news. Finally, the fairytale conclusion for “Bridge” Who knows, maybe a separation track will be established next month.

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Brooke and Ridge – FAQs

What happened between Ridge and Brooke?

When Brooke married Grant Chambers and he and Taylor experienced a terrifying encounter with the psychotic Morgan DeWitt, Brooke and Ridge decided to part ways. When Brooke started dating Thorne, Ridge and his family were against it. As a result, he tricked her into saying she would always love him in front of Thorne.

Did Brooke break up with Ridge and Taylor?

After Brooke temporarily ends their relationship, Ridge follows Taylor to St. Thomas Island and woos her back. Taylor and Ridge start dating. Taylor makes friends with Ridge’s overbearing mother, Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), and the two get married in 1992.

Who ends up with Ridge?

Ridge and Brooke from the television show Bold & Beautiful reconcile in Rome, Italy.

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