The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers next week: Ridge and Taylor’s wedding

Ridge and Taylor’s wedding becomes a shocking moment that no one in attendance will ever be able to forget in the newest spoilers from for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, November 28, through Friday, December 2. 

An epic fight will have already occurred by the time the chaos starts to die, and yet another one will be just around the corner. Stay for the free-for-all after the wedding! If you continue reading, you may pick up the toaster you gave the almost-happy couple and learn all there is to know about the year’s most significant train accident.

Monday, November 28:

With our photo gallery that identifies each member of the Logan family, you may learn more about their tangled past and recollect certain branches that have been removed from the tree as the reunification of the Logan family proceeds. Alternatively, you may view pictures from their most recent gathering by browsing this gallery.

The bride is approaching, and with her is the famous single tear! Brooke hits “rewind” and “repeat” on the cassette labeled “aching for Ridge” in her heart as Taylor’s wedding to Ridge gets started.

Brooke might want to have some tissues ready because it looks probable that Thomas’ frame-up will be exposed, given that the episode also has a shocking revelation of a sinister reality. In such a case, chaos will undoubtedly break out.

Tuesday, November 29:

Made the call. We’re going to presume that Ridge and Taylor’s wedding becomes more of an “I do not believe you did that, Thomas!” sort of ceremony than a simple “I do” one since betrayal damages a once-strong relationship irreparably.

Sheila uses Deacon’s emotions as weapons as they argue about Taylor and “the one that got away,” Brooke, despite being mysteriously left off the guest list along with all of Ridge’s brothers.

Wednesday, November 30:

Could we recommend that Taylor keeps on to this “Tridge” wedding CD until the exposure of the horrible reality causes an enormous fallout? She may be able to remember it as the most fantastic memory of the day she was going to remarry Ridge Forrester. It promises to be a first-rate must-watch television.

Thursday, December 1:

As Steffy and Thomas dispute over the upheaval in their family, more fur will fly. We’d all want to believe that Thomas would be intelligent enough to refrain from blaming his sister, but this is Thomas, remember?

Enjoy The Spoilers Of The Bold And The Beautiful on 28th November 2022
Enjoy The Spoilers Of The Bold And The Beautiful on 28th November 2022

What a shift in roles! Deacon seizes the opportunity by picking a fight with his competition for Brooke’s affections with Bill after realizing he could finally have the upper hand with Bill.

Speaking of the famous blonde, Brooke makes a crucial choice regarding her future. One that we hardly dare hope will place her in the arms of one of these handsome men rather than Deacon, Bill, Ridge, or Nick.

Friday, December 2:

Be prepared for the definition of “awkward” to change. Ridge’s on-again, off-again wives finally meet after Hurricane Thomas destroys “Tridge’s” wedding.

It may be enjoyable now! Thomas and Steffy have a reputation for being close friends. However, she has since promised that her brother will pay dearly for his deceit.

Although Thanksgiving may have passed, our examination of the turns and twists we considered natural “turkeys” is not yet complete.

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  1. Brook I hope you can get Ridge back if that is what you really want. I am really sorry that you had to go though that. I am hoping that Hope knows what Thomas is like now.


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