Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 19 2023: Thomas and Hope’s story progresses

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for Monday, June 19, will revolve around Hope, Thomas, and the press conference. Meanwhile, Brooke will keep trying to woo Ridge. Ahem, whatever makes you happy, girl.

The Press Conference

The press conference will begin in Rome, and the spoilers have it that Edoardo Beghi, Tamela D’Amico, and Gabi Spaciari will perform the roles of some eager Italian reporters.

As Thomas and Hope respond to inquiries about the newest Hope for the Future collection, they will find themselves in the spotlight together.

Steffy is still worried 

Although Steffy Forrester will be pleased that Forrester Creations is receiving so much attention, she will fight off mounting doubts about Thomas and Hope’s relationship.

Steffy will be concerned that Hope and Thomas might mix work and pleasure since it seems like they are becoming more compatible every day.

Although Steffy believes in the adjustments her brother has made, she does not trust Hope and will continue to worry that Hope might mislead Thomas.

Liam on his way to save his marriage 

Liam will be preoccupied with booking a flight and preparing for his trip to Rome. He will hope to show up in Italy and pleasantly surprise Hope with his support now that Finn and RJ Forrester have persuaded Liam to pull off a romantic gesture.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 19 2023: Thomas and Hope's story progresses
Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 19 2023: Thomas and Hope’s story progresses

Maybe he is a bit late to save his marriage, but at least the guy is trying. For  LOPE supporters, don’t worry, you never know which couple will be the end game. Don’t lose hope.

Brooke and Ridge’s reunion sped up

Other B&B rumors indicate that Brooke will continue to make an effort to remind Ridge of their fate. She will hope that it will be simpler to persuade him that their fate has already been decided since Ridge and Brooke are in magnificent Rome.

Ridge and Brooke will take in some of the sights and sounds around them, so the majesty of the Italian setting might allow Brooke to touch Ridge’s heart.

There will be plenty of flirting and longing looks between Brooke and Ridge, to the extent that he will let her.

When Brooke is determined to win Ridge back, as she is in this situation, she is undoubtedly skilled at luring him in. Due to all the pain from the past, Ridge will still have some lingering doubts, but by the end of the week of June 19–23, those doubts will vanish.

Fans of “Bridge” should stay tuned for more information on the upcoming reunion, according to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, who also hinted at some good news.

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