The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers next 2 weeks: Hope, Liam, Ridge, and Thomas Take Center Stage

From June 19 to June 30, according to Bold and Beautiful spoilers, there will be some significant events in Italy.

The much-anticipated fashion preview will be shown during the week of June 19–23, along with some crucial private scenes for some significant characters.

Hope just can’t resist Thomas

To begin with, Hope will find Thomas more alluring than ever. Once they are celebrating their victory in Rome, Hope will find it difficult to restrain her emotions.

Hope and Thomas will take some time to take advantage of all that Italy has to offer after the press conference and the launch of the new Hope for the Future line. A sightseeing excursion will take place, and it might change everything for these two.

Liam is heartbroken

After taking off in the Spencer jet and landing in Rome, Liam will have some trouble finding Hope. Liam will come up with a solution and make plans to surprise Hope with the most romantic of actions, but his world will come crashing down.

The Colosseum will likely receive a lot of attention and serve as a backdrop for Hope’s planned kiss on Thomas because the show wants to showcase the beauty of Rome while they are there. Liam will be able to determine that Hope initiated the kiss after seeing it happen.

Ridge and Brooke are finally together

Ridge will at last put all his uncertainties to rest and decide Brooke Logan is the only woman for him. Ridge will become separated from Brooke at some point, at which point he will scramble to find her.

For some reason, time will be of the essence, so Ridge will be relieved when he meets Brooke and they have a passionate exchange before making out.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers next 2 weeks Hope, Liam, Ridge, and Thomas Take Center Stage
The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers next 2 weeks: Hope, Liam, Ridge, and Thomas Take Center Stage

According to B&B spoilers, Andrea Bocelli’s outstanding musical performance on June 26 will serve as the perfect cap to Ridge and Brooke’s official reunion celebration.

The aftermath of the Italy incident will be harsh for some people during the week of June 26–30 and wonderful for others. At least until they realize Hope and Thomas are involved in some drama, Brooke and Ridge will undoubtedly still be on cloud nine.

How will Taylor react?

Taylor will not be happy when she learns about how Ridge and Brooke met while traveling, despite Brooke’s excitement over their reunion. According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Taylor will eventually get the chance to voice her opinion.

As a result, she ought to comment on the development and engage Brooke in another argument.

Liam leans on Steffy

Liam will tell Steffy the whole gruesome tale as he accepts her solace in his embrace. After Hope’s betrayal, Liam will still rely on Steffy, but Hope will soon discover that her secret has been revealed! You can bet a marriage will fall apart after Hope discovers Liam is aware of what happened with Thomas in Italy.

Liam will assemble a puzzle, so he might reflect on instances in which Hope hid her true emotions from him and led him to believe everything was fine.

Liam will be enraged and even a little embarrassed by the fact that Hope has recently been more passionate in bed. Not her husband, but Thomas was the one who made Hope hot and bothered!

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