Young & Restless spoilers January 9 – 13: Billy and Lily’s breakup upset viewers

The most recent Young & Restless spoilers from for Monday, January 9, through Friday, January 13, reveal complete turmoil. 

Victor is shown on one side of the canvas attempting to cross the enemy’s lines while sporting his mustache. On the other hand, Chloe is devising a scheme involving Nick. 

Nick? Yes, Nick! 

On top of all that, Chancellor-Winters becomes a battleground right beneath Lily’s feet, and Phyllis makes a discovery that leaves her eyes wide with shock. Why? What is it? Scroll down for more.

Looking Back To Last Week!

The recap for Friday shows that Sally covers her tracks with Nick, Billy and Lily part ways, Summer and Kyle clash, and Diane targets.

Sally conceals her activities with Nick since she is an expert at deceiving others. Will she successfully preserve her friendship with her ex-lover’s brother? 

Sharon and Chance become close. In Genoa City, there are no coincidences, so we’ll take a wild guess and say that this indicates that they’re about to interact in a whole new way.

The Future Happenings!

Jeremy and Tucker have been defanged, Billy and Lily’s breakup upset viewers, the surprising surprise for Sally’s baby, and more. Let’s see what will happen.

Y&R Spoilers for January 9, Monday:

Ashley has been pretty dang prickly with Tucker ever since he came back. So we can only assume that when he sees a new side of her, it will be a softer, fuzzier one. Will the coolest Abbott feel a pull toward her ex-boyfriend again?

Since it takes a lot to surprise Phyllis at this point, we can’t help but be immensely curious about what discovery she’ll make today.

It was just a matter of time until Devon discovered dishonesty at Chancellor-Winters after the unusual ringtone raised concerns about Tucker and Audra having a relationship. 

Y&R Spoilers for January 10, Tuesday:

Although we are confident in his good intentions, this is extremely dumb! When Jack decides to take a chance and help Diane, we can only speculate about the hot water he may find himself in.

You can guess that Billy’s mother won’t be pleased when Jill receives a frightening message. Will the powerhouse return to town and settle the matter once and for all? Hope is all we have!

Since Summer has come around to agree with her mother’s opinion of Diane and her never-ending drama, Phyllis makes an effort to heal fences with her, and it just might succeed.

Y&R Spoilers for January 11, Wednesday:

Victor offers Adam another reality check! However, we don’t think this strategy will work, therefore it’s possible that the Mustache turns to foul tricks to win back his youngest.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Chance loses patience with Abby now that he’s switched to supper-club dates with Sharon.

Young & Restless spoilers January 9 - 13
Young & Restless spoilers January 9 – 13

Lily and Devon have opposing views on how to handle a situation. Tucker’s plans will benefit greatly from this disagreement. Now that his partnership with Audra has been revealed, does he still have a plan?

Y&R Spoilers for January 12, Thursday:

Chelsea and Billy had been rumored to be getting back together for some time, and sometimes a relationship begins with one person offering the other much-needed moral support.

Wow, what is happening here? Could Chloe be attempting to let Nick know that Sally is having a child who could be his own child. Is that a trap for him?

Something tells us that Daniel will fulfill his promises to Lily. Could the two ex-couples overcome their problems and reconcile?

Y&R Spoilers for January 13, Friday:

We must take urgent action when the situation gets challenging. 

In this instance, it indicates that Victor enters hostile territory. Will his hazardous move result in getting him what he wants?

“Ah, there’s the real Diane!” would be Phyllis’ famous line. 

Nikki might jeopardize her entire “I’ve been redeemed!” charade if the con artist chooses to target her.

Ashley clarifies the situation with Tucker. But we are unsure about the purpose. With a man who will always bend the truth, how can you get the facts straight?

What is going on in your mind now?

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  1. I think it’s high time that Lily and Billy call it quits. They never belonged together, IMHO. Billy and Chelsea make a great match, not to mention having a child together. Sally needs a break from Adam and given a chance to step back and breathe. I also hope that the baby is Nick’s. I think he’s the better father. As for Sharon and Chance, I think it’s a non-starter. She’s too old for him. She needs to finish grieving before moving on.

  2. Billy is bad in all relationships lily is good with Daniel,hope nickie gets her butt kicked n Ashly is so dirty she belongs with tucker n really hope baby is nick’s he a good dad n hope Victor mustache falls when finds out his wizard of oz powers are failing


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