Will Diane Reveal The Truth of Jeremy?

Do you think that Diane Jenkins will reveal the truth? Are you waiting for her to do so? And if so, will anyone ever trust her if she is?

Regarding The Young and the Restless, Jack Abbott still had additional inquiries for Diane Jenkins. And Diane still had more explanations.

To be perfectly honest, each new detail Diane shares about her time in Los Angeles and her relationship with Jeremy Stark becomes less and less explosive and more and more commonplace.

A poll from Young and the Restless

Given the diminishing returns on her misdeeds, we are waiting for her to admit the numerous unpaid parking tickets. Do you think she’s telling the truth, though?

If You Fool Me Once, You Are The Fool!

83% of you are reminded that Diane is a liar who constantly lies, and you will never, ever believe anything she says.

You wouldn’t be shocked if Jeremy, in this case, turned out to be the innocent victim and Diane, the drug dealer, was the one who falsely accused him and got away with everything, even the money and the abduction of his puppy.

In fact, you have reached the stage where you believe the reverse of what Diane says. She is the threat to Harrison—not Jeremy!

A Good Enough Is Enough!

In actuality, Jack saying that Diane had wasted Jeremy’s money caught our attention more. Did he think she would hold onto it and carry the duffel bag everywhere? It appears likely, 12% shrug.

Will Diane Reveal The Truth of Jeremy
Will Diane Reveal The Truth of Jeremy?

She must be telling the truth because everything she has said and prophesied will happen.

Is It Really Important?

5% sigh; who cares. It’s not about what Diane did; it’s about what she might do in the future. Is she actually a threat to Harrison and the Abbott family? Or are Ashley Abbott, Phyllis Summers, and Nikki Newman of the opinion that she is the sole threat? And are they the ones driving the impending catastrophe?

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  1. I would like Diane to not get played but to show her cards show what ever she’s done she’s not there for Kyle she’s there for what she can get as always


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