The Young and the Restless Recap: Sharon Slaps Audra, Why?

In the Wednesday, December 21, 2022, episode of Y&R, there was a mother who unleashed her wrath on her son’s ex, a sister who had had enough of her brother taking the blame, couples planning Christmas plans, and much more.

A Glimpse Of Yesterday!

Sharon Rosales resisted being seduced by Audra Charles, and she didn’t like Chance Chancellor making advances toward her son’s ex-girlfriend either.

Plans for Christmas were planned by Noah Newman and Allie Nguyen. Tucker McCall seemed to deceive Ashley Abbott.

While Jack Abbott looked to be having trouble with Jeremy Stark, Summer Newman Abbott was depressed because she was at odds with her mother. Kyle Abbott attempted to cheer her up. Let’s now examine what occurred in more detail.

Shower Kiss!

Tucker welcomed Ashley for a drink after she asked him to join him in the shower. At Crimson Lights, Audra hid in the restroom while Sharon attempted to kiss her behind. When Audra arrived at the pub, the older woman had no affection for her.

Noah doesn’t want to be involved with her, Audra learned. Even though he won’t see his mother for the holidays, he will still visit his father. Chance also resolved a mall theft case involving an elf.

Revealing Plans!

Kyle and Summer announced their Santa-tracking excursion to everyone. They promised to be true to their account and arrive in time for Christmas dinner.

Sharon and audra
Young & Restless Recap (Wednesday, 12/21/2022)

Because she and Phyllis are at odds, Summer sobbed when Kyle gave her charm bracelet an “H” in Harrison’s honor.

One-side Kiss!

Glam Club was where Noah and Allie first met. Even if the kiss was only one-sided, Noah acknowledged that he didn’t appreciate Audra kissing him. Additionally, the two discussed their Christmas plans, which included elements of both families.

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